Adventure Park Quest: Dragon’s Den

Uh oh! Sparky’s done something to upset his pal Raziel, but he doesn’t know what! The Pineapple Turtle wants to help but taking on this Adventure Quest will mean venturing into the Dragon’s Den!

If the turtle is brave enough to take on this daunting adventure, then hopefully Sparky’s friendship with the dragon can be salvaged. And if the turtle completes it, it will win Dragon’s Fire!

If you’d like to try venturing to Adventure Park and helping patch things up between Sparky and his friend Raziel the Dragon, this awesome adventure is available at Ganz eStore!

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  1. MyLittlePony2010EG13 says:

    I have this quest and STILL haven’t finished it. Tbh, I’m at Adventure Park right now and I’m 6/11. A few months ago, I was just starting that Valentine’s Day quest from 2011. XD It was iconic. I have 2 quests I haven’t finished. I had more, but I guess my mom did them. Oh- and this is out of topic, but I got scammed the other day. =P Well, not literally, but I traded someone my Beach Ball outfit for those Daisy Dress Shoes, and I can’t put a dress or any kind of belt/pants/shirt on it without it taking the shoes off! =( I really liked that beachball outfit…

  2. machaela says:

    I cannot play in the adventure park since the update. My quest is to get points at zingos pop but since the update it will not reward points for the game. Can somebody please help! I am looking forward to the new challenge on the 15th and hope it overrides what I am unable to do.

    • bonesbongo says:

      @machaela I’m stuck on the quest also I have played several games of Zingoz Pop not getting credit for it. Contact customer support they will bypass that task for you which will allow you to continue along with the quest.

  3. birdfolks says:

    I can’t ever get these things right, I hardly ever get through these and get a prize or more digs… please if you don’t have a friend to ad please consider me. I am at birdfolks please add me to join you,, GB Wendy at wendy7878

  4. birdfolks says:

    I can’t ever get these things right, I hardly ever get through these and get a prize or more digs… please if you don’t have a friend to ad please consider me. I am at birdfolks please add me to join you,, GB Wendy at birdfolks

  5. KSC says:

    All these Adventure Park quests sound like fun! I love the prizes too. I can’t decide which one to buy.

  6. janglad62 says:

    The Dragon’s Den adventure park quest comes with the Spotted Frog.

  7. suzanneauntie says:

    Hi, It’s my first time doing a quest. It’s a quick quest called journey to the crystal caves. I’m on the 7th level and I’m supposed to find Boris’ pickaxe. For some reason I can’t find it. I go into the cave to the left and it should be lying on the floor, but it’s never there. I’ve tried about 10 times, and I’ve also dug up everything in the caves and there isn’t a pickaxe to be found. I’ve even gone into the two other rooms and there isn’t a pickaxe in there either. Can someone Please help me? Thank you!!

    • bonesbongo says:

      @suzanneauntie – Recently I completed the quest Journey to the Crystal Cave there is a Pickaxe in it. I can’t remember exactly where I found it. Go back talk to Boris again he will tell you where to go looking to find it. Double check in the room where Boris stands, in that room there are three rock piles, Boris will often open up one of the rock piles which will allow you to go down I’m almost certain that is where I found the Pickaxe. Hope this helps you with your quest. They are so much fun I’m addicted. :} Happy Hunting :-)

  8. Beckinz8 says:

    I have this fantastic prize, and I kind of remember going on this quest. Is this the quest pack that comes with the pinto? That is the only AP pet that I have that I know of. Where can I find a list of all of the AP pets?

    • Beckinz8 says:

      No, I just read that the Pinto’s AP quest pack is the ‘Not Easy Being King’ quest. I have no idea how I got this ‘dragon’s fire’ prize.

    • MorningGlory says:

      Here’s a list! Pink Pony – Beanstalk Birthday quest – Bean Stalk Climbing Tree grand prize. Mud Hippo – Journey to the Crystal Caves quest – Rainbow Machine grand prize. Spotted Leopard – Weather Worries quest – Hero of the Storm Display grand prize. Bengal Tiger – The Ghostly Campsite quest – Celestial S’more Campsite grand prize. Chimpanzee – Deep Water Dilemma quest – Fresh Water Waterfall Wall grand prize. Koala – Lost Pirate Treasure quest – Jolly Roger Roller grand prize. Pink and White Cat – Ghost Pirate Princess Rescue quest – Ethereal Throne grand prize. Pinto – Not Easy Being Fish King quest – Royal Crystal Statue grand prize. Velvety Elephant – A Nafarious Ploy quest – Shooting Star Ship grand prize. Caramel Lion – Sparky’s Scavenger Hunt quest – Crystal Treasure grand prize. Spotted Frog – Dragon’s Den quest – Dragon’s Fire grand prize. Fox (retired pet) – Candy Festival Jeopardy quest – Confection Perfection Press grand prize. Husky – The Mysterious Green Smog quest – Weather Console Machine grand prize.

      • Beckinz8 says:

        This is a very helpful list! Thank you ~MorningGlory for taking all of the time and care to compile and share all of this info! Do you know where I can view the grand prizes, particularly the one for the koala quest?

  9. FoxesRule612 says:

    Ooh this adventure was fun. I remember getting it several years back as a Days of Play prize.

    • MorningGlory says:

      Yes, this quest and the Ghostly Campsite quest and the Journey to the Crystal Caves quest were all given out to players. :D Question for Ganz: are you ever going to add new prizes and quests to Adventure Park? I earned all these prizes years ago so I stopped playing in Adventure Park. I would love to have the different crystal pillars in the cave as a prize, for example!

  10. mamabeart says:

    Ok, now even playing Zingoz Pop in the Tournament Arena doesn’t count for the Adventure Park quests. So I’m completely locked out of the park despite owning multiple Adventure Park pets and being a deluxe member. All for an “improvement” almost none of us wanted in the first place. It’s particularly galling because you’ve been heavily advertising the Adventure Park in recent days. I can’t get an answer here in the comments or by emailing customer service. Honestly, Webkinz, you need to do better. I don’t appreciate paying extra for features I can’t access, nor do I appreciate being ignored by customer service. When are you going to fix this problem?

    • bonesbongo says:

      @mamabeart I’m stuck on the same quest, I contacted customer support earlier today just waiting for the reply. Contact customer support, fill out the form let them know that you are stuck on a quest, ask them to bypass that part of the quest which will allow you to move on. I have done this in the past never had a problem. :}

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