All About the Adventure Park!


Hey Webkinz fans! We bet you’re just as excited about the Adventure Park as we are – and we’re SUPER excited! We know you’re also probably wondering about how the Adventure Park works. Here’s the scoop!

In order to visit the Adventure Park and play the awesome quests, you need to adopt an Adventure Park Series Pet. The first six pets are the Pink Pony, Spotted Leopard, Mud Hippo, Chimpanzee, Koala or Spotted Frog.  If you adopt any of those pets, you’ll unlock a special quest made just for that pet, plus the ability to play in the rest of the park! You’ll also unlock a Mini-Quest. This quest is one that you send to a friend – and if they’ve adopted an Adventure Pet, they get to share in the fun – and you both get to win the same super-cool prize!

You’re going to have a blast playing in the Adventure Park – so adopt an Adventure Park Series Pet and head over today!

30 Responses to All About the Adventure Park!

  1. hearer says:

    I’m going back to this old post because I feel like if you have the pet before the update, they should still be able to play. I don’t want to buy two of the same

    • Queenbee01 says:

      I completely agree, I got my Pink Pony back in 2007, and I think I should be able to do the quest with her still. I get they want people to adopt new pets but seriously??? Just let me do the cool adventure park stuff!

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