All About the Adventure Park!


Hey Webkinz fans! We bet you’re just as excited about the Adventure Park as we are – and we’re SUPER excited! We know you’re also probably wondering about how the Adventure Park works. Here’s the scoop!

In order to visit the Adventure Park and play the awesome quests, you need to adopt an Adventure Park Series Pet. The first six pets are the Pink Pony, Spotted Leopard, Mud Hippo, Chimpanzee, Koala or Spotted Frog.  If you adopt any of those pets, you’ll unlock a special quest made just for that pet, plus the ability to play in the rest of the park! You’ll also unlock a Mini-Quest. This quest is one that you send to a friend – and if they’ve adopted an Adventure Pet, they get to share in the fun – and you both get to win the same super-cool prize!

You’re going to have a blast playing in the Adventure Park – so adopt an Adventure Park Series Pet and head over today!

30 Responses to All About the Adventure Park!

  1. +WebkinzFan+ says:

    Its just sad……………….. I have the pink pony and I can’t play on the game aventure pet game

  2. Cassidy says:


  3. Jane says:

    I have the spotted frog but it hasn’t givin me a quest yet why not?

  4. Sam says:

    Does anyone know how to add adventure friends to the mini quests list?

  5. mimmimi says:

    I don’t even understand what they mean with “it’s one that you send to your friend”.

  6. jellybein says:

    hmmmmm some one tell me how to finnish the treasure hunt thingy

  7. Turtluver says:

    I’m a huge webkinz fan, And the webkinz adventure park is fun and all but i am so confused on how my koala is supposed to dig. does anybody know how to that can please reply to this? O and by the way i suggest everyone with a webkinz account to play adventure park, It’s EXTREAMLY fun and theres lots of fun exclusive items to gain.

  8. mjets05 says:

    Where do you find quests, i have the pink pony, but i can’t find a quest

  9. Kaylee says:

    Dear Webkinz,

    I think that this was a new idea and yes a good idea. However I strongly disagree that you have to buy the buy AFTER the Adventure Park was created to get the actual quest. I have searched everywhere to find this so called Quest and every time I go up to the Webkinz Characters and they say “Sorry I do not have anything for you right now”. I have currently two of the Series 1 pets. The Spotted Frog and the Koala. However I have switched from pet to pet and it said the same thing. It was so a letdown when I had the Caring Valley Pet but I didn’t get it in that month and it didn’t give me a sapling. I was very sad. And now yet another letdown. If anybody has any words about this saying I am doing something wrong or I can get a quest. Please tell me. I have searched websites after websites trying to find one that told me the answer. Please help me on this.. I would like that. Thank you
    Kaylee/Twilight/JB Club Runner

  10. Trendy Fashion says:

    I am so excited because I have the spotted lepard and I can play! I LOVE WEBKINZ!!!

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