All-New Webkinz FAQ!




Latest Update: October 29, 2020



Since announcing our new Webkinz game, we’ve had many great questions from fans like you. Here we will try to answer those questions. We will be updating this FAQ as more questions come in.




What is going to happen to the current Webkinz?


We are simply renaming the 2005 version of Webkinz to “Webkinz Classic” and will continue to support the game with new items, pets, and events for as long as it has an audience.


Let us be clear, the team that has been working on Webkinz Classic for the past three years is the same today as it has been that whole time. None of the Classic team has moved to new Webkinz. So if you enjoyed Classic this year, you’re going to enjoy it in 2021 as well!


Webkinz Classic will always be near and dear to our hearts. It defined millions of childhoods and changed the toy industry forever. And yes, we continue to play too.


However, this December, support for Flash in browsers will end. There is nothing we at Ganz can do to stop this. We have created the Desktop App to extend the life of the Classic and have invested in technology to allow you to play without the Flash Player at all. This is how serious we are about giving Classic a future.



Will my pets/items/KinzCash/etc. move over to the new Webkinz?


No. The only way we could successfully build a new version of Webkinz was to start again from scratch. Webkinz Classic currently has over 1000 different pets and nearly 30,000 items to collect. Those took over 15 years to create, and to ensure that every pet and every item was available would take that long or more. We couldn’t create a game where players got some of their pets and items and not others.


Resetting also gave us the opportunity to improve features that fans love and really refine the game based on 15 years of feedback. See this as your chance to get in on the ground floor of an all-new Webkinz World.



Why didn’t you just convert Webkinz Classic to a new technology?


Webkinz Classic was built in Flash with a database and server initially created 16 years ago. The new game is built on a completely new architecture that is more secure, fully connected, and that gives more power to our creative team to create great challenges and events. Those two systems simply don’t mix. Even if we had stayed with the 2D look and feel of Classic, it wouldn’t have been possible to move your account data over.



Can I use my old pet codes in new Webkinz?


No. For the same reasons above, those pets simply aren’t in the game to adopt. To avoid players thinking that the codes will work, we’ve made pet codes 15 characters here, instead of the 8 in Classic.



Why aren’t the Curio Shop and Kinzville Academy open yet?


We know where we want to go with new Webkinz and we wanted you to know where we plan to go as well. Our next large addition to new Webkinz will be the Curio Shop and an all-new Gem Hunt that is literally huge.


We also have plans for new sections and features that we simply could never have done in Classic. Features that will give you new ways to play with your friends and cooperate with other players.



What about my favorite feature Magical Forest/Zums/Stadium/Adventure Park/etc.?


Not every section in Classic will be remade in new Webkinz. Webkinz went in a lot of directions over the years, and not all of them fit perfectly into Webkinz World.


That doesn’t mean we’re ignoring the parts that worked though. For example, there won’t be a Wish Factory, but there will be Wish Tokens that you can trade in for event prizes you missed. Where? Wait and see (and Amanda will be back as well).



Hey! Where’s Ms. Birdy?


Ms. Birdy is no longer working in the Adoption Center, but it is very likely she will be seen again in Webkinz World.



What are Diamonds?


Diamonds are the new premium currency for new Webkinz, replacing eStore points. There are a lot of reasons we did this, but one of the best reasons is that we can now give them away in challenges and daily rewards!



How do the new Webkinz babies work?


First you will need any two Webkinz pets. To create a baby, you will combine the “Sparks” of these pets (starting pets have one, purchased pets have 3). To do this, go to the Adoption Center, and tap the Baby area. There you will select the two pets and tap “Use Sparks”. Note that there is a Diamond cost to creating a baby.


Your baby will take features from its parents, but will also receive unique features all its own. There are millions of combinations that can be created, some much rarer than others.


Once you have your baby, take it home and we’ll give you a crib to keep it comfortable in. There you can play with your baby and raise it. Watch for baby requests with the big green arrow. These are Growth Moments. Complete 15 Growth Moments are your baby will be ready to become a Kid! Don’t worry though – you get to choose! You can decide to keep it a baby and turn it to a kid at any time.


Kids have Growth Moments as well. Complete 15 and your kid will be ready to become a full grown pet with three Sparks of their own! How far will your family tree grow?



What are World Names and why did you add them?


We’ve learned a ton about security over the past 15 years. When you are identified on a site by your username, other players have 50% of the information they need to get into your account. Also, no matter how tough our bad word filter is, players have found ways around the filter to say rude or mean things with their username.


World Names fix both problems. Now your whole World Name can be shown safely to every other player, and we know that players can’t say anything bad with our predetermined name pieces.


It’s also a lot of fun!



How come I can’t play the Arcade games as many times as I want?


One of the key complaints that we’ve heard time and time again is that too many games are blocked to Free members. So we made the decision to not go in that direction with new Webkinz. Now Free players can play all of the games in the Arcade, but are limited to 3 plays of each. Full members get 6 plays a day of each. You can also purchase Game Tokens in the Arcade shop to keep playing your favorite games.



Will there be new Webkinz plush pets?


As keen-eyed players will know, the answer is… Yes! We will be announcing all the details for our next generation of Webkinz plush toys soon.



Will there be a Mac version?


Yes, a Mac version is in the works.



Have more questions about the new Webkinz for us? Leave them in the comments below!




Get the NEW Webkinz for Windows computers here



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  1. Booreeves says:

    Hey Sally Webkinz I wonder if you can help my friend blossom? She wants her orange frog account but she can’t remember her password but her world name is blossom violet flower and her orange tabby cat name is annie. Let me know

  2. Booreeves says:

    I have a question How do you turn house off in Webkinz Next? If you don’t want anyone to visit your house.

  3. Booreeves says:

    We have maybe four more issues First of all when I’m on the Fantastic snowman comes on but on the middle of the screen it keeps saying open, closed alot and little annoying to some of us and the pirate bounty chest I tried to click on a piece (exp a mirror) it won’t moved. I haven’t seen the ghost for awhile and the Wacky Zingos game still not working. Okay I have a question to ask you On March are we going to get a birthday season? Like last year and again I’m NOT ALLOWED TO EMAIL anymore sorry if it’s all caps but I’m not yelling and I’ll check by tomorrow

  4. Booreeves says:

    We have a little issue with the ghost some people said we supposed to get it three times a day and some of us get it once a day is it because of Valentines day is coming and some of us get it once a day? Some of us want it three times day but we only get a once and some other get it twice a day but not three times a day so can you please fix the ghost so we can get three times a day and again I’m not allowed to email webkinz

  5. Booreeves says:

    I brought a room for my county house yesterday and I couldn’t see it all and I’m not allowed to email webkinz anymore and some games on arcade is not working in webkinz Next and I can give you two games that’s not working good. First of all Wacky zingoz every time I try to hit wacky with a bat it goes through wacky and diner dice after I roll there’s a dice that moves and that’s weird on Webkinz Next please fix it

  6. Booreeves says:

    Having trouble logging in on Webkinz Next again but I can log in my Classic just fine but not Webkinz Next So fix the issue so I can log in on next Thanks

  7. momz54 says:

    In the new season right now there (in week one) is a item that shows “Get 4 as in Pop Quizzes”. I have been doing the quizzes daily and apparently did one that accumulated one time completion somehow. I have no clue what exactly it’s asking us to do. I have been doing the quizzes daily and no more progress toward whatever it’s asking us to complete. Can you tell us what exactly it’s asking us to do in that particular item?

    • Booreeves says:

      It means you have to Get 4 A’s on the pop quizzes I’m not a webkinz staff but I play Webkinz alot. Right now I’m having trouble logging in on Webkinz Next but I can log in on my Webkinz Classic just fine but not on Webkinz Next. I love to help people because I’m a great helper. I and I hope I helped you Your Friend booreeves (Webkinz Classic) or lucky(Webkinz Next)

  8. Bernie3333 says:

    I love visiting homes to check not just their houses but all their babies, I’ve seen a lot that I adore. I would love to have the ability to turn the babies around in their cribs so I can see all of their unique patterns. Is this possible to do?

  9. InTheGarden2010 says:

    Is trading going to be added into Webkinz?

  10. Rubye777 says:

    Is Quizzy’s Corner coming to New Webkinz? That was my favorite place to go in Webkinz classic and I’d love to be able to go back there and answer some more trivia questions (even if I have to start from scratch)

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