Amora Supora: Secret Recipe Revealed!


Looking for a sensational soup recipe that your pet will love this Valentine’s Day? Try making them a delicious bowl of Amora Supora!



When you combine these 3 ingredients on a stove, you’ll make a sweet soup for you little valentine!


Here’s what you’ll need:


  • Marshmallows
  • Raspberries
  • Tomato Soup


Feeding your pet some Amore Supora is sure to warm their heart on Valentine’s Day!


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52 Responses to Amora Supora: Secret Recipe Revealed!

  1. Gramkins says:

    Wow, so many complaints. No wonder most of my friends seem to be gone now. Not as much fun without them.

    • Gramkins says:

      What different do you expect me to say? You really need to fix WEBKINZ soon. People are getting tired of waiting.

      • dolly7girls says:

        I agree Gramkins. We pay to play thus enabling Ganz to be profitable so there’s no reason for everything not to be working up to speed. So disappointed. I started a second account and that’s worse than my first one, regret doing it.

  2. indigo11111 says:

    I sometimes wonder how Webkinz World makes food items look SO COOL! If I tried in real life it would look horrible!

  3. kaye10 says:

    Thanks for all the gifts, etc. don’t mean to seem ungrateful considering, but just a few questions I hope someone will step up to address: 1) WHEN will we finally be able to purchase the hippo item from Vacaton gift shop? I have looked everyday.! 2) WHEN will Quizzy’s be restored to identifying our status, e.g. “Overall high score achieved?” 3) WHEN will our pets stop asking for things while we are trading and also things we have already done & cannot do again (like Quizzy’s play & learn) 4) WHEN wIll our many invisible items show up? 6) When will trading card items, eStore items, & Ghost’s Gold Doubloon be the correct item and/or visible? Thanks much, k.

  4. beaubo says:

    thank you so cute, i will do some cooking and send a some gifts to my friends.

  5. whitemoonnight says:

    I used to enjoy articles like these on Webkinz Newz, along with everything else in Webkinz World in general until the all my Webkinz World items started disappearing & or becoming unusable, along with countless other unfixed & unresolved issues. The estore continues to sell items that are missing or don’t work, & Webkinz “customer service” continues to not address, read or respond to my emails. They’re more than glad as usual to continue to take our money of course. I wish Webkinz still had customer service & not just automated email responses. All Ganz cares about is our money. Ganz no longer cares about their customers concerns or gaming experience. Sad. :(

    • kaye10 says:

      I understand your frustration & agree to a large extent. My collection is so massive I cannot abandon it, a very important place for me to escape, & I want GANZ success to continue. No doubt it is not easy on their end to keep going when no local retailers carry Webkinz anymore. **However,** this may be a GANZ choice, from info I have gathered from various retailers. All that said, yes, they need to get these “repairs” caught up pronto AND they do need a CS we can “speak” with–sometimes I am unable to explain my issue. E.g., I cannot find one of my Zum buddies or Morgan fairy. I asked for help locating them by which pets these are attached to/ if CS could perhaps just move them back to their dock so I can find them—& yes, I was sent basically an automated response & my issue goes UNRESOLVED. I know we can only see them in the club house but I have around 700 pets & have no idea which ones have these buddies attached–that’s why I asked for help! Bet YOU get it! Good luck, hang in, & lets hope the moderators pass on our sincere concerns. k.

      • whitemoonnight says:

        Kaye10, I’m sorry to hear about all the problems you are having with your Webkinz account/accounts :/ It’s very frustrating when you try to email customer service & they don’t even address your concerns. I still remember having an issue with the weather console machine I won from the adventure park a few years ago (it never worked & still doesn’t) Ganz sent me a new one, which of course didn’t work. After I replied and told them the second one has no functionality or animation they said my concern would be “forwarded to the proper department”. A.K.A. forgotten about to never be addressed again. I have emailed them several times about it since and they just keep sending the same message saying my concern will be “forwarded” as if them claiming to forward my concern somehow rectifies their faulty programming & lack of investment in their loyal customers. Ever since Webkinz X came out I often find myself wishing I never spent as much money and time on Webkinz as I have or I would have just quit completely. Now I just log in every so often to see if a reasonable amount of my Webkinz World items can be used to decorate a room, & make it about 5 minutes in before giving up and logging out because so many items are messed up. I really wish they would follow through on their promise to fix things. Remember when they said everything would be “aggressively fixed over the next few weeks” about 7 or 8 months ago? Ha…Frustrating as it is for me to not be able to freely play my Webkinz account and use the items I paid for, it’s just as frustrating to see my fellow Webkinz players like you going through equally frustrating issues like you are with your pet buddies and such. Nevertheless, I hope your issue gets resolved soon. Take care Kaye!

  6. lilypugrulestoo says:

    yes it is not new…I made lots to send to my friends last year I thought it was with a the challenge but I will make it this year again as it is pretty. I need something really new to add to my giant food collection…something for the mega stove would be cool

  7. MisakiKt says:

    GANZ has created that what looks like a love potion. I hope my pets don’t get or even HAVE secret crushes. ಠ_ಠ

  8. Cherrycheesecake says:

    Has anyone else been having troubles with pets requesting to make food in a stove, blender, or sandwich maker and then after you do so, the pet request is not completed? I get it almost every day.

  9. doingmydailies says:

    Amora Supora!!! What a clever name!!!! It’s like love and soup together!!!! It looks really delicious but tomato soup and raspberries sounds grose!!!! If my pet like it, that’s all that matters!!!!!

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