An Injury!


Oh no! With everyone’s help, we managed to rescue the three lost campers. But the Baby Elephant had slipped on some ice in the forest and now we have to get it back to Kinzville. Once we get home, we’ll have to get that leg checked out. But where will the Baby Elephant go to get their injured leg taken care of? If only there were somewhere in Kinzville that could help look after sick or injured pets.

62 Responses to An Injury!

  1. adem123 says:

    Don’t worry baby elephant, Dr. Quack can help!

  2. allex123 says:

    Dr. Quack can help!

  3. Aye_Breezy1 says:

    Dr. Quack’s clinic!

  4. Dr Quack Fan says:

    Wait, where is it? I CAN”T FIND THE CLINIC!!!

  5. Dr Quack Fan says:

    dr Quack opens today!

  6. mamadodge says:

    Dr. Quack can help you

  7. Grandma52 says:

    Dr. Quack to the rescue!

  8. ArcanineEspeon says:

    Oof, those campers are wearing…big outfits for their little bodies. I’m envisioning the three of them operating stilts for their arms and legs inside the coats.

  9. ArcanineEspeon says:

    Whew, I was starting to worry that Webkinz Team had forgot all about Dr. Quack’s promise. Ya know, since his term started on Jan 1, I REALLY thought his Clubhouse room would open sometime before February 10!

  10. StarrLoop says:

    Someone… quick… send up a “bat signal” opps …. I mean a “QUACK Signal!” We need Dr. Quack to the rescue! ○)))ヘ(^・・^=)~ (wn) auntiecathie

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