Announcing the Winning Room Theme!

We had so many great entries in our latest Share Center contest, and we narrowed the list down to 10 amazing finalists! Then YOU got to have your say and the Webkinz Classic Community has spoken!


The winning room theme which will be added to the W Shop in May is the Friendly Froggy Cottage by H8Mouse!  We are so excited to see how this theme turns out!


H8Mouse supplied a list of four items to go with this adorable theme:

  • Friendly Froggy Cottage Chair
  • Lily Patchwork Rug
  • Peaceful Pond Tea Set
  • Cozy Cottage Trundle Bed


Now we would love to hear your suggestions for more items you think might fit theme.


Congratulations to H8Mouse and all the finalists! Look for a message at the email account associated with your GanzWorld account by end of day today, March 26, 2021.

58 Responses to Announcing the Winning Room Theme!

  1. smart2006 says:

    Maybe a leafy/reedy/cattail wall deco that goes on the bottom of the wall?

  2. ArcanineEspeon says:

    I was torn between about 5 of the finalists, but I think I’m glad this one won.

  3. Bubblilious says:

    Congratulations H8Mouse. How nice, Grandma’s house theme. How far back are we looking to go? Guess I would say to have a dining hutch, chandelier
    decorative plates hanging on the wall (some frog), instead of a floral sofa, maybe a frog themed sofa, black and white tv, green/yellow/blue/pink or this muted colour for a bathroom complete with frog soap dish/toothbrush holder/towel bar/bath toy holder and/or bathtub froggies, ruffled bedskirt, Chintz curtains and valences, valance and curtains behind bed, monogrammed pillow/towels etc but perhaps froggy, crocheted blanket or doilies, wallpaper or wood panelling, roman shades or blinds, frog apron, corded phone. I can’t wait to see what transpires with the theme. I love the colours and theme.

  4. midnight1206 says:

    I think wallpaper and flooring.

  5. Morninglight says:

    Yay I am delighted with this one alot of good ideas suggested But I love to store food so something that will hold food items… Congratulations!!!!!!

  6. migrubbs says:

    Maybe some water lily wardrobes with cattails on the sides.

  7. explorethedepths says:

    cute! congrats to them for winning! :-)

  8. duff428 says:

    The friendly frog would need a lovely Lily pad themed love seat to share with a friend.

  9. frozenanna2 says:

    Great job!!!!! This will be a great item! Also, to those who didn’t win, great job for getting on finalists!

  10. kyartgirl says:

    perhaps a lily-pad shaped window? or i saw that someone else suggest a cattail room divider

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