Announcing… Webkinz Desktop!

As most of you know, browser support for the Flash plug-in will be ending in 2020. When this happens, you will no longer be able to start up Chrome or Firefox and play Webkinz. At the end of 2017 we made a small announcement that we were developing a desktop version of our mobile application to deal with the end of browser support. That application was completed, but we weren’t very happy with it. Screens designed for small phones don’t look great when blown up on a large monitor, and more importantly, what was going to happen to great sections like the Curio Shop, Wish Factory and the Clubhouse that aren’t in our mobile version? We knew we could do better. So we dug deep, got creative, and we can now show you this…





This is the new Webkinz Desktop.  This version includes everything that Webkinz has to offer – all the games, items, and features – because it IS Webkinz. Webkinz Desktop still uses Flash –  do not delete the plug-in! – but doesn’t require a browser to play the game.


And Webkinz has never looked better! You’ll be able to play Webkinz full screen to see your pet’s rooms even closer. Complete challenges, enjoy all of our events, join friends in the park – it’s all there!


Webkinz Desktop is nearing completion. To ensure that we haven’t missed anything, we will be running a small private beta test in about three weeks. Once that is complete, we will release the application to everyone! Webkinz Desktop is currently for Windows only, but we do plan to make a Mac version available soon after.


We are very excited for the release of Webkinz Desktop, as it will allow us to continue to provide a great Webkinz experience for years to come.

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  1. rbm1234 says:

    whyyyy is it not on linux????? :( :( :( ik its available on mobile but it is missing a whole bunch of stuff

  2. carr1311 says:

    What will happen on macs?

  3. tema says:

    the old one does not work

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