April 2017 Webkinz Name Me Contest WINNERS!


Here are the randomly-drawn winners of the Webkinz Chameleon Name Me Contest!



Prize: PLUSH Webkinz Chameleon

Player: SpringBreeze

“I would name him Camille!”







Prize: VIRTUAL Webkinz Chameleon

Player: boulilou

“Blue Azur for your name.”



Prize: VIRTUAL Webkinz Chameleon

Player: PusheenCat77

“I would name mine Esmerelda Emeralda. Really!”



Prize: VIRTUAL Webkinz Chameleon

Player: moonkey1115




Prize: VIRTUAL Webkinz Chameleon

Player: strawberrypunch

“I would call him Tie-Dye.”






Here are the randomly-drawn winners of the Webkinz Patchwork Cat Name Me Contest!





Prize: PLUSH Webkinz Patchwork Cat

Player: 2zaney2

“I would name her April (because I think it fits, not because of what month it is right now).”







Prize: VIRTUAL Webkinz Patchwork Cat

Player: fairytales49




Prize: VIRTUAL Webkinz Patchwork Cat

Player: Sophie_the_awesome

“I love this adorable fluffy cat! I would name him/her Patchy or Patch.”



Prize: VIRTUAL Webkinz Patchwork Cat

Player: cathyaw

“Clarence (he made the song Patches famous).”



Prize: VIRTUAL Webkinz Patchwork Cat

Player: LittleRaini

“If I had this patchwork pet I would name it Picasso. The reason being that the mismatched shapes on the cat’s fur resemble the art splotches that an artist would paint on a canvas – hence the name Picasso!”




Congratulations to all of our winners and thank you to everyone who participated!


(Winners, please check the inbox of the email address associated with your GanzWorld account to receive your prize.)


View official contest rules.


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  1. bubbashuka says:

    can you please help my friend, springbreeze, down there? She wants some help, and I feel bad she hasn’t gotten the email!:(

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