Attention All Winter Fawn Owners!


The Winter Fawn has just retired but owners received the wrong giveaway item. You may have noticed that it was the Winter Jellybean Pile instead of the Winter Jar of Jellybeans.


To correct this, we will be running the event again on Sunday, February 9th so be sure to visit Today’s Activities on that date!



Also don’t forget that Emperor Dragon Owners have their new retirement event on Sunday January 26th. See you then!


32 Responses to Attention All Winter Fawn Owners!

  1. Fred04 says:

    I must have read it wrong. I thought it would be a jar of jellybeans we could place in our room. I got the jar, but it is still just food. :(

  2. hellomynameisyou says:

    YAY!!!!!!!!!!!:) thx sooooo much

  3. rubyheartgirl2 says:

    Me three! It takes a lot of hard work for me to get the money. I am always looking for ones I can afford, because they are REALLY expensive where I live, even the lil’kinz

  4. xomissmaria says:

    Great hopefully will get it this time! :D

  5. kenbearcol says:

    It’s getting hard to remember when the things that didn’t work in the first place are rescheduled. Let’s hope the baby penguin retirement goes smoothly.

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