Baby Bunny bonus Activites at Today’s Announcement – Reminder

Spring Celebration is in full swing, and we’re celebrating by offering a full month of special events for the adorable Baby Bunny!


If you want to add this sweet little rabbit to your Webkinz family, visit the eStore today!



Here’s a list of upcoming events for Baby Bunny owners!
April 13 – Balloon Dartz
April 14 – 2017 White Chocolate Egg
April 15 – W Shop Coupon
April 16 – Wheel of Wishes
April 17 – Prize Klaw
April 18 – Dr. Quack’s Miracle Tonic
April 19 – 200 KinzCash
April 20 – Balloon Dartz
April 21 – Big Button of KinzCash
April 22 – Token Balloon Dartz
April 23 – Prize Pie
April 24 – Jellybean Challenge
April 25 – Pixie Pod Seed
April 26 – Prize Klaw
April 27 – w Shop Coupon
April 28 – Dunk the Zingoz
April 29 – Wheel of the Month
April 30 – Prize Pie

29 Responses to Baby Bunny bonus Activites at Today’s Announcement – Reminder

  1. splashsgirl says:

    I got my baby bunny for Easter yesterday too. her name is Bella Bunny.

  2. Carolyncat says:

    I just got this bunny yesterday for Easter! Gonna enter it online :)

  3. Pokemom says:

    Typically I love to heap praise on people, so complaining is difficult and not in my nature…however, as much as I love this bunny, and it is tremendously cute, I paid for a Carrots bunny, Pet Of the Month. In the past, it has ALWAYS been, that the Saturday “super great” daily activity {Wshop coupon, Token Balloon Darts, Wheel of the Month, etc.} would be reserved for the Pet of The Month. It would be the top of today’s activities and you could do it ANY time during the day. I believe you would then also get the chance to do it again on Sunday. It seems like now, whomever the Peek a Newz Kinz is, is getting as many special activities as the POTM, and has also usurped the Saturday Morning “Special” Daily Activity. We’ll see which bunny gets tomorrow, Sunday’s, top of the list. Yes, there are 2 special activities during the day especially for Carrots Bunny, but they are during specific time slots…Unfortunately, I don’t have the luxury of coming back at designated times throughout the day to participate. It’s so much nicer when I log on in the morning to do my dailies, boom, there’s the POTM activity and I can claim it, and head on to the next thing. Again, hate to be ungrateful, but if the POTM isn’t going to get its fair share of special, bonus goodies, I for one, won’t be purchasing any more because they just aren’t worth it. {Hopefully this was read in a sad and disappointed tone, not a catty nasty one…not angry, just unfulfilled.} Thanks for listening.

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