Baby Showcase #122

Happy Thursday! Only one week until Leap Day, which is also when Mandy, Dorothy Lou, and I will celebrate by sparking the new White Bunny. The White Bunny will be available to order from the eStore and the W Shop inside Webkinz Next on March 1.

The theme for this week might as well be bunnies, because I saw quite a few cute ones! First up is this lovely natural colored Holland Lop with those beautiful green and blue eyes. This baby has both the purple chest flair (a more subtle version than the Rainbow Retriever rainbow chest) and you can just make out the matching purple inner ears. A very sweet combo!

Next up is this splotchy Holland Lop! This cute has the blue inner ears and sled pet patch from a Husky. Not only does it have cute purple leg flairs, it also has those gorgeous violet flare eyes. I really love all of the splotches on this pet. It’s mostly natural colored, but looks great with all of those purple features!

The sweet unicorn has some Pixie Tiger face stripes and my beloved Rainbow Retriever rainbow chest fur. It also got the Rainbow Retriever’s signature pink paw, giving it quite a unique look. The terrific teal eyes match the rainbow chest perfectly, and those bold rainbows across the back legs are a great splash of color, framing that fun back pattern!

I love this color of Husky! The dark teal sets off the aurora borealis flair nicely, and goes perfectly with the crescent moon pet patch and blue moon eyes it got from a Moon Bear! On the legs you can see the cute snowy day leg patches, and those blue shimmer husky ears look fantastic with this color scheme.

A third Holland Lop? You bet! This one has that lovely brown coloring too, but it looks quite interesting with those tiger stripes on the back. This sweet baby mostly has standard features, but I thought it was especially adorable with the Gingerbread Puppy eyes and the yellow gumdrop pet patch. This baby bunny screams Easter to me!

We’re ending with a pair of Disco Rhinos, because why not? First up is this cool green and tan Rhino, which gets quite the different look with a Husky back pattern. It inherited those cotton candy ears from a Pride Lion, and that looks incredible with the pink disco horn and the rainbow ear flair. The chest has a fun pattern, as well, and those silver eyes look great with the disco toes.

The second Disco Rhino was also sparked with a Pride Lion, and this one got the Husky snow leg patches instead of the back patch, and that big bold emerald pet patch. This one has a blue and pink horn, but with the pink disco ears! I love the flowers on the chest, especially with this pretty purply pink body color, and the eyes really stand out!

That’s it for this week! I’m looking forward to sparking with the White Bunnies. I’m sure I’ll have to name them something related to leap day or leap year or leaping in general. I’m open to suggestions if you have any!
Update: How could I forget the Valentine’s Day spark party?!

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2 Responses to Baby Showcase #122

  1. kalcan8 says:

    Great showcase today! All of the baby bunnies have me thinking of Spring. I am so excited for your Leap Day spark party! It’s so difficult to pick names ahead of time because there’s no way to know what you are going to get. Tallulah is a native American name that means “leaping water”, and Pogo is another name that makes one think of jumping. Zajac is “rabbit” in Polish. And there are a myriad of names that refer to white, in case you get a white bunny baby: Bianca, Chablis, Finnian, Fiona, Gwyn, Whitley or Whitney, just to name a few. Then there’s always the traditional “Hopper” which is also a nod to one of my favorite characters from a popular show. Whatever you choose, I’m sure that you will be thrilled to add this new pet and it’s babies to your huge Next family! I will be cheering you all on!

  2. JadeSweetSummer3 says:

    Aww that pink rhino is so cute I love the emerald pet patch and the flower chest is STUNNING! Thanks for the post Ganz!

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