Free Gift for Adopting in March!


March is going to be big for plush lovers!  The new plush Webkinz White Bunny arrives at Ganz eStore on March 1, 2024!  This gorgeous plush comes with two codes for virtual avatars, one in Webkinz Classic and one in Webkinz Next!


Each virtual pet comes with its own Pet Specific Item (PSI)  the Country Garden Bed, and Pet Specific Food, Country Carrot Cake.


Plus, if you adopt this adorable plush pet before midnight EST March 31, their avatars come with an adorable virtual plushy of their very own!



When you adopt the plush Webkinz White Bunny AND open its Giftbox by March 31 in Webkinz Next, the White Bunny Giftbox will include this adorable virtual Carrot Plushy!


When you adopt the Bunny by March 31 in Classic, the virtual Carrot Plushy will be added to you Dock the next day!


These cute Carrot Plushies can be placed in your pet’s home!


Mark your calendar for March! March 1 is your first chance to order this adorable new plush, and March 31 is your last chance to adopt and collect a FREE gift!

23 Responses to Free Gift for Adopting in March!

  1. platynick7 says:

    will the carrot plush be sendable to classic? would it be possible to adopt the bunny in next from the adoption center and still receive the gift? is the carrot plush tradeable?

    • sally says:

      The plushy is not sendable to Classic, though you get one for adopting using the Classic code as well as the Next code. The virtual pet will not be available to purchase for Diamonds at the Adoption Center while the plush is still available. The carrot plush is tradeable.

  2. _xPho3nyxblade318x_ says:

    He reminds me of the Ganz Sweet Little Fluff bunnies!

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