Baby Showcase #24

Happy Friday! Let’s take a look at some of the newest pets in Kinzville!

What a beautiful moon bear! I love this purple color, and the swirls are so pretty. I can’t resist the lil unicorn horn either — just love the whole package!

This may be a common rhino, but I just love the coloring on the legs and the little ossicones and giraffe print. Mashup pets are definitely my favorite!

The eyes on this kitty are just so wonderful — they are so striking against the gray coloring and silver ears. So cute.

The white body color really makes the zebra stripes pop… not to mention that bright rainbow tail! Such an interesting looking baby.

I love this pink moon bear! It’s so fun that it inherited the unicorn pink ears and feet, too. It’s not a very common combination — you see much more of the yellow/blue and black/blue moon bears. Lucky ducky!

I love how this looks like a black lab… and then you notice the blue stripes! The big rainbow patch is great and those are some pretty green eyes.

Moar kitties! I love kitties, what can I say. This pink kitty is pretty cute. The tan swirls are my favorite.

Aww, this baby should be the mascot for March. A green husky! I need all the green pets. Look at that sweet little face.

Yes, yes, another kitty… but look at this kitty! Unicorn horn! Tan swirls! Two-toned eyes! Rainbow flair! Love, love, love it!

I saw my first grey unicorn the other day, and now I’ve seen another! I adore this combination of colors — soft grey with bright blue. This baby has so many pretty features. Congratulations!
You can see all these wonderful babies in the Baby Showcase in the Adoption Center! Click and spin them to see them from different angles. They really are so pretty. Which one is your favorite?

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18 Responses to Baby Showcase #24

  1. EgK says:

    There’s something that caught my attention a few weeks ago. Baby pets people spark can only have one type of horn. For example, the brown and green rhino at the top of this showcase. It has the giraffe horns but not the rhino horn. That’s the same for all the other pets that have horns, I’m guessing. I’ve seen podkinz 169, the one with Sally, and she sparks a baby with a rhino horn but no fawn antlers. Just curious about it!

  2. Mummabean says:

    Hello! Sally can you assist me? I sparked my first baby yesterday and got the rainbow retriever. Very cute. My child wanted me to buy the plush so I did; however, Webkinz next froze and kept saying “processing” but never did; however, the charge is pending on my credit card. I don’t want to “redo” the transaction and have two credit card charges. I waited for an email expecting a confirmation but did not get one. Who should I contact? Thank you!

  3. leaveitnow41s says:

    My cats are only sparking more orange tabbies these days. My retrievers and bunnies have stopped. I really have to stop using up my diamonds so fast!

    • Resonatingthunder says:

      I know how you feel lol! All of my sparked babies have been golden retrievers-I can’t seem to get the opposite species! I have ONE spark left on my gray tabby, and I’m really hoping it gives me a cat baby so I can try to continue a line of non-dogs XD

  4. DashietheCloudSheep says:

    they’re so prettyyyyy I want them QwQ

  5. sosotto says:

    These are such cuties!!! :D

  6. sosotto says:

    Hi Webkinz Team! I purchased a 1 year Deluxe membership yesterday night. I got the deluxe box, but I have not received the 5000 estore points for singing up. Also I cant find the code for the Bengal Kitten. My username is sosotto.

    • Sally Webkinz says:

      The code should be in your order history. You’ll need to contact for any missing points. We can’t fix that for you.

      • sosotto says:

        OK, It looks like the 5000 estore points went into my Estore account, which makes since, since I purchased the deluxe membership from the ganz estore. I went into the order history and found the code! Thank you Sally! I really appreciate the help!!!

  7. megamom12 says:

    4 more weeks until my next ‘spark’! That is unless I pick up some more Diamonds from the Season events! I’m having TONS of fun with that!

  8. EgK says:

    Omg! My favorites have to be the first one, the third, the fourth, the fifth,the eighth, the ninth and the tenth!! Congratulations to all parents! Plus, the first one kind of looks like my moonbear! But it doesn’t have a unicorn horn, it has two cute giraffe horns(aka ossicones)!

  9. Beckinz8 says:

    Congrats to all the excited new Next parents, and for being featured on the Friday Showcase! A special congratulations to Wolf Tundrawoofer for their new Super Rare, and Ultra Rare stunning babies! Sally Webkinz, how do you see the different sides of the new babies in the Adoption Center? I’ve tried clicking them and they wiggle the tiniest bit, but seem like they are stuck and won’t budge. A simple walk-through would be appreciated. Thanks for all the latest Nursery Newz!

    • Beckinz8 says:

      Wizard Windnight, your “black lab” really caught my eye, and I would love to know it’s family tree so maybe I can get my own some day. (even though I know that every baby is unique, and every Next spark is a crazy roll of the dice.) ;-)

    • Sally Webkinz says:

      Keep holding your mouse down and drag one or another :)

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