Baby Showcase #37

Last week ran away with me, but I am back with more babies!

I love this first little piggie and let me tell you why. A pig and a grey tabby cat contributed sparks to this baby. Do you see the pink tulip pet patch? That’s from a bunny somewhere. Do you see the spring fawn spots? That’s from a spring fawn! There’s at least four different critters involved in making this baby, and it’s got the coolest color I’ve seen on a piggie.

I love the question mark on this moon bear’s forehead, and the big swirls on the back, too. You can just make out the giraffe spots, too. This lucky rare pet was sparked from two common moon bears!

Look at the teeny tiny unicorn horn on this bunny! It’s so cute. I love the pink body and pink eyes on this baby, and the speckles on the back are a bit like freckles! The yellow pet patch stands out so well on this color.

What a fun giraffetriever! The pretty tropical eyes go nicely with the soft yellow body color, and the rainbow flair on the legs is a great splash of color. I love the texturing on the back, too.

This little deer baby inherited the unicorn horn and ears, and has the most beautiful heart spots on the back. I love the hint of pink around the back haunches, and the little rainbow flair is a nice accent. Very cute combo pet!

Purple moon bears are so much fun! It’s just such a great color. There’s a lot of markings on these pets, but you can still make out the giraffe spots on the back. This moon bear baby inherited its golden eyes and golden ears from a yorkie, and it’s just adorable!

Oh this sweet piggie! I love the cow horns and the hint of rainbow on the ears. You can just make out the unique pattern on its back, and those purple eyes are so pretty.

What a cool-looking unicorn! I love that nose patch — gives a lot of drama. And those green ears are so pretty! There’s fun music notes, rainbows and an intricate back pattern to round it out. I have to say that I love the yellow-haired unicorns — so cute!


This sweet moon bear has an ancestor that was sparked over the holidays. Check out those holiday trees on the back! The stripes make it look like a ski hill, too. The rainbow on the arms is a fun little touch, too.

Ahhh purple husky! Purple body, purple eyes, purple spots. So much purple. I love it, especially with the vivid northern lights across the back.

This kitty’s eyes coordinate with its feet! I love the giraffe pattern on the chest, and pink and yellow color combo is fun — and matches the double heart pet patch! Beautiful baby!

That’s it for this week — which baby was your favorite? I’d love to see your babies — submit photos to the Share Center or tag me on social media. Did you know that you can use the photo booth to take pictures of your babies? Just click on the Change Pet button on the left and either search or page through your pet list to pick your pet!

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34 Responses to Baby Showcase #37

  1. gemghosties says:

    moonbear looks amazing!!

  2. hrt2hrtiluvu says:

    I LOVE the moon bear with the trees on a ski slope!!!

  3. Sun185 says:

    Lily Snowbloom@ i love your unicorn!

  4. kkat says:

    If you choose not to have your baby grow up, why can’t you still send it to Daycare? It would be nice if you could still send it to daycare while it is still a baby.

  5. pinkiecupcake says:

    What a nice picture of Sally Webkinz Jr! I was so happy to see that you finally got a green kitty of your own on Webkinz Day! :)

  6. Nate4555 says:

    Thanks for including my quizzical moon bear in this weeks showcase! Last night I actually just added the 2 moon bears that sparked him. Love all 3 of them!

  7. LadyBeauty says:

    Sally, Your Green Kitty is beautiful! I was so glad you were finally able to spark her on Webkinz Day. Her emerald green eyes are gorgeous. I managed to get my Jackalope on on the same day that my bunny, Brownie leveled up and with the last spark from my Spring Fawn, Bucky. Stop by my house to see my babies in the nursery, including Jacques my Jackalope! I’m Meow Autumnsong 1 in Webkinz Next. ♪♫LadyBeauty♪♫

    • Sally Webkinz says:

      Jacques is very cute! I love his little rainbow tail!

      • LadyBeauty says:

        Thank-you. I’m sorry I missed your visit. I had to step away from my laptop for a while. Stop by my house any time! ♪♫LadyBeauty♪♫

        • _xPho3nyxblade318x_ says:

          Aww, I’ll add you there soon! I’m Rainbow Stormsilver 1 & Dash Darkrock 0 (I think those numbers are correct..?) there! We’re also Classic friends, haha. Glad to see you back!

        • _xPho3nyxblade318x_ says:

          Aww, I’ll add you there soon! I’m Rainbow Stormsilver 1 & Dash Darkrock 0 (I think those numbers are correct..?) there! We’re also Classic friends, haha. Glad to see you back! =D

  8. _xPho3nyxblade318x_ says:

    SALLY, GUACAMOLE KITTY IS SOOO CUTE!! <3 Er, what's her name? XD Also, I love the purple husky & pig! The huskies are my favorite on Next!! <3

    • Sally Webkinz says:

      Sally Webkinz Jr., of course!

      • Alexandrite_Ledger says:

        Awww, what a precious name! XD I hope to see her in Kinzville sometime! ~Dash Darkrock/Rainbow Stormsilver

      • Beckinz8 says:

        Sally Webkinz Jr. looks great in her portrait above! Also, she is a great sleeper – my accounts that are between babies stop by to play with your babies and she always goes right off to sleep after one ‘coo’ or ‘rattle’. Congrats on finally sparking your green kitty!

        • Sally Webkinz says:

          I love her. I dress her up in a matching outfit when I go to the park meet-ups. I’m never growing her up — that way I can always have both with me at the meet-ups :D

          • _xPho3nyxblade318x_ says:

            Awww, how sweet! I love visiting your babies as well! She’s so precious! I really want a green and/or a white cat, but ESPECIALLY a blue husky. =P

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