The Cyber Thursday Sale is On Now at the Ganz eStore!

Did you know that there are amazing deals happening,
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You may find these Cyber Thursday deals and more at both W-Shop and Ganz eStore!


11 Responses to The Cyber Thursday Sale is On Now at the Ganz eStore!

  1. cowtown2 says:

    hello sally so nice of you for your help, I have a question, I auto renewal my deluxe, each year automatic, and two times now they added more to it, after I had already got the pet, its the berry seeds, if its the same pet, for the year, why don’t they give us the ones who auto renew in may, the same, this is two times, I didn’t get the berries, they add them right after, should I not auto renewal, I wish they could let us get the items two if we already bought the same deluxe yearly set, can they let us get those seeds? thanks just makes me think why auto renewal

  2. Sun185 says:

    why is more percent off for furniture??

  3. netge says:

    It says in the estore points promotion you get five Mystery bags if you buy 130,000 points, but it only gives you one bag when you do it. Surely if you offer five free bags the buyer should get five free bags and not just one.

  4. Whatusername4 says:

    Could you please put the Grey Arabian on the W-Shop?

  5. _xPho3nyxblade318x_ says:

    Oooooo, so many good stuff. I hope in July you have a promo thing with eStore points and let the Northern Trails Wolf be in it like you did last July. I’m waiting for another good deal, lol.

  6. bashopper says:

    Well it finally happened to me: as I was putting items into my cart for Cyber Thursday, I was logged out and now get a message that I haven’t used my account in awhile, so need to contact customer service. And I purchased items as recently as June 1, 2022. So I can’t participate in Cyber Thursday unless this gets cleared up right away.

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