Baby Showcase #52

Happy Thursday! I’ve got a brand new batch of babies to show off, and I’ll be including the Spark Party Video from last week at the bottom of this post — check it out to see how Mandy, Dorothy Lou, and I did on our frog quest!

First up is this colorful unicorn! Normally the body colors are quite muted, but with this unicorn getting the husky’s head pattern, the coloring is much bolder! I love the rainbow effect on the back with the zebra stripes, and the deep purple around the eyes looks like eyeliner! These eyes go beautifully with this colorscheme, too.

Now this cute lil frog doesn’t have a new coloring — the yellow green was available before — but there’s a really fun sparkle effect on the back and I love the zebra stripes. The tabby green eyes look great here and it means there’s an Orange Tabby Cat in this line, though this particular frog was the result of two frog sparks.

I always love these primarily white cats — zebra stripes seem to be today’s theme and I really love the gray on the white here. These eyes are absolutely beautiful, and the glittering blue ears look almost white here, as well. Very pretty baby!

Green sloth alert! Green sloth alert! There’s a few sloth babies in this week’s showcase and I’m so in love with this sloth. It features some beautiful frog features (that beautiful back pattern) and those purple eyes look so pretty with the green body.

Another sloth! This one has some tiger stripes, which adds some visual interest to the gray body. It has the same beautiful pink/purple eyes as the last sloth, too. These sloth babies are so cute!

I can’t resist a green pet and this moon bear is no exception. There’s some great darker patches here and there and the rainbow on the arms stand out quite nicely. The little hints of blue at the snout, ears and feet are matched nicely with the blue eyes.

This pretty bunny has a lovely chocolate color, which perfectly offsets those purple flairs! These green eyes are so intense and look like a pair of peridots! The little eyebrow patch is really cute, too — you can just make out the bit of orange in the ears.

This moon bear has the standard color, but this giraffe pattern adds some incredible visual interest! I love the star patches everywhere and the rainbow flairs on the legs. These intense blue/purple eyes look great on this pet — it almost looks like it’s under water and those markings are the shadows of reflected light on water.

Teal piggie! This one also has tiger stripes and pretty pink feet. These pink and purple eyes (third pet so far!) look great, and the face patches are pretty interesting. I love the deep blue ears!

We’re ending with another sloth! This one is common, but I just love this yellow color. It especially goes well with the sea green frog eyes. The lily pad pet patch stands out nicely here as well. I am definitely going to have to get a sloth! I need these colorful babies.

And here is the video from last Friday’s Spark Party! Thanks to everyone who came by to cheer us on.

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10 Responses to Baby Showcase #52

  1. Beckinz8 says:

    These patterns are stunning! The new sloths are melting my heart! Congrats on your new babies to Snow Snowsnow, Shadow Stormcloud, and Swan Magicchill! (As well as all of the rest of the featured players and the Ganz staffers from your spark party!) Star Cometknight’s unicorn is a festival of color and pattern. I would never want to cover all of that up with outfits! Kitten Gentlebird’s sparkly pear zebra-striped frog baby is absolutely adorable. Star Purplestar’s striped white kitty has mesmerizing eyes. Rainbow Twinklesky’s moon bear is so green, I didn’t realize that it was a moon bear. I thought it was a green panda. I love all of the rainbow flares that are showing up on so many pets lately. I also love so many of the stunning new eye colors. I agree with Sally Webkinz, that Sapphire Baysand’s moon bear looks like it has an underwater pattern. And their new piggie is just as interesting. I wonder what pets are in it’s family tree to have led to such cool face markings? Lastly, Magic Hopeswirl’s chocolate bunny has the best quirked eyebrow expression to frame those amazingly intense eyes!

  2. fancyduck58 says:

    These babies are all so cute! What a fun spark party, I really enjoyed it. Your parties always inspire me to spark a few babies of my own & to my surprise & delight a sparked an ultra rare green cat a little while ago! She’s adorable. :)

  3. Grandma52 says:

    I don’t know how you can decide which babies to show here, they are all so adorable.

  4. KSC says:

    Those sloth babies are so cute!

  5. _xPho3nyxblade318x_ says:

    Oh, cute babies! The unicorn(I have one similar! Her name is Adrienne Camp & I sparked her last year), white kitty & teal pig are my favorites! I was hoping my dad would get featured because he sparked a rare kitty. XD

  6. j9e9n9n9y9 says:

    Adorable babies! :) I love them all!

  7. webkinzwizard02 says:

    Congratulations to all the new arrivals! They are all so adorable. Special shoutout to my friend Shadow Stormcloud for having her new baby sloth featured! We were both just discussing yesterday how we both ordered one! My daughter is so excited for hers to arrive.

    • kkovacs says:

      I was so excited to see my baby sloth too! I hope your daughter will bring hers to the park soon! The plush is sooo much cuter than it looks in pictures.

  8. hiphophipposrule2007 says:

    I am obsessed with the patterns on the babies! Anyone else have this issue? lol

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