Baby Showcase #63

Happy Thursday!
Only one more baby showcase until Christmas, and if all goes well I’ll be sparking some special babies with my Gingerbread Puppy, Pinkalicious Pig, Rainbow Retriever, and Pinktastic Lion. I may spark my Gingerbread Puppy once with all three of them!

But on to this week’s babies! This first baby is a sweet puppy sparked from a Rainbow Retriever and Cow. The green sparkle feet are courtesy of the cow, which makes the puppy look like it’s always wearing shoes! The pink and blue eyes are quite striking on this mostly white puppy (it’s a Next version of the Snowy Retriever!). Overall, a very soft and cuddly looking puppy.

Now this amazing piggy is the result of sparking an ultra rare Rainbow Unicorn with the Pinkalicious Pig. I love the combination of teal and pink, and that soft rainbow pet patch goes so well with the bold rainbow patch across the back. The silvery sequin ears look great with the silver sparkle eyes and that bit of gold with the horn is a bright pop of color. Love it!

We all know I have a weakness for green. This particular green sloth has the most adorable yellow gumdrop pet patch, and those zebra stripes on the back are just so adorable. I would love to have one of these beauties.

I might get a Gingerbread Puppy like this! This one was sparked with a Pinkalicious Pig and has that adorable pastel popsicle pet patch and really cool back pattern. This one has a cute wreath chest patch — a seasonal delight!

What an intense purple kitty! The pink feet and eyes are pretty adorable with this color scheme, and the rainbow across the back is very intense. I love the contrast of the yellow heart pet patch, too.

Another kitty! This one features the husky head pattern, which give it a unique look that makes the leopard spots really stand out. There’s a spring fawn somewhere in the history, so it has the cutest little white daisy on that green lawn color.

This intensely purple piggie also has the husky head marking and has the limited edition back patch. The purple feet are so cute with the rainbow flair, and the orange ears are a nice contrast that go well with the green eyes.

Another intense piggie! This deep pink baby has subtle leopard spots on the back with some interesting bursts of color at the top of the back legs and on the cheeks. The lighter pink ears, nose and feet make this a very coordinated piggie!

This unicorn baby is making me tempted to spark more unicorns! This pet has beautifully subtle body coloring, intense hyena spots and the cutest hair. The silver ears are really pretty with the horn, and the various chest and arm patches are too cute to cover up.

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10 Responses to Baby Showcase #63

  1. Rareone says:

    Thank you for sharing my baby Mozart! He seems so soft and soothing to me I had to go with a musical name. I just love his eyes, and the soft pink hue about him. What beautiful babies in his company! I love the purple cat! I’m hoping for a purple pet one day :) Congrats to all that had their babies shown. -Tree Stormmist / Rareone

  2. fancyduck58 says:

    Ooh, thank you for featuring my gingerbread puppy baby! I love that our special edition pets now have sparks. Like Beckinz8, I waited until this morning to spark using my gingerbread puppy & pinkalicious pig to see if my baby would be featured- so excited! :)

  3. Beckinz8 says:

    Yay! I was so thrilled that the limited edition pets now have sparks retroactively, that I could barely wait to start sparking! But I held off until early this morning in hopes that my new Next webbies would make your Baby Showcase, and I was not disappointed! The two intense piggies are from my side account and were sparked with a pinkalicious pig. (The darker one came out kicking and squealing as soon as I placed it in my room. So far, it is the grumpiest baby that I have EVER had. Due to it’s intense color and extensive music notes, I named it Jazzy, but now I’m thinking that I should have chosen something like Maleficent instead. LOL!) The adorable unicorn is a great addition to my growing herd and was sparked on my main account using a pinktastic lion. She is beautiful and I love her, but I am also hoping to get at least one other lion. I will try again at Christmas. (And Sally, give into temptation, as you can never have too many unicorns! LOL!) Thank you sooooooo much for featuring my babies!

  4. Demongirl10 says:

    I love that green sloth, they look like a little watermelon <3

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