Baby Showcase #72

Happy Thursday!

First the bad news. I did not get my jackalope. Now the good news. I got three adorable bunny triplets! I really am pleased with the babies I got and I think I may wait for Webkinz Day for my next jackalope attempt. I was lucky last Webkinz Day, so maybe that’s the holiday where I really get what I want! There may be another spark party before then where I try for some interesting babies with my limited edition pets, though, so stay tuned.

First up this week is very snow-leopard looking kitty! I love how monochrome it is… because it makes that very pink heart pet patch and the pink ears POP! The little bit of rainbow on the legs is a nice feature and those light gold eyes are dreamy.

How could I resist a green giraffe? This cutie has lighting legs and fun chest loops. It also got the very special emerald eyes and violet shimmer ears from the Vivid Violet Elephant! Underneath the big swath of rainbow you can make out one of the cool limited edition back patches, too.

This pastel panda is simply adorable. I love this soft pink body color along with the soft rainbow across the back. You can just make out the heart patch underneath that rainbow and the starburst pattern on the head. It has delicate little hearts along the legs and is finished off with a cool W pet patch! This is a lovely valentine pet!

I love the back pattern on this disco rhino — it’s so cool! And the fact that it got the rainbow retriever chest fur and pink paw just tickles me pink… and it goes with the pink and blue disco ears. Very nice pet!

The heart theme continues with this toothpaste pet — it has a great big heart on its butt! It’s got quite a bit of color between the blue heart, rainbow flair on the legs and the soft pink and purple on the body. It’s got a beautiful star chest pattern and rainbow ears. This is one fancy unicorn.

Now this yorkie may have a standard body color, but it has some pretty interesting patches all over its body! It’s got the panda back patch, and then all kinds of fun spots on the legs and tail. The rainbow flair on the legs and the beautiful blue rose pet patch add a lovely splash of color, as do the blue panda eyes!

I know you’re all waiting to see my babies, so here they are! Meet Valentina, Valentino and Cupid!

Did you end sparking on Valentine’s Day? Let me know in the comments below!

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14 Responses to Baby Showcase #72

  1. Grandma52 says:

    All so adorable, and I just love the kitty.

  2. slk says:

    Please help, I had one of the special plush pets in my friend center to purchase and it said Feb 16th but it’s the 16th and it’s now gone and I can’t get the pet. Why did it disappear early and how do I get this pet now?

  3. rocketpea says:

    Hey Sally, as a new player I was surprised when my yorkie was showcased in this post. It was only my second ever sparking! I named him Cocoa!

    • Sally Webkinz says:

      Cocoa is gorgeous — congratulations! While I have an obvious bias towards 1.) cats and 2.) green, I like to point out any pet that has an interesting combination of traits!

  4. tttvvv says:

    Hi! I was just curious how I report an error in my room on Webkinz Classic. I am having trouble removing a table from my room, it’s as though there is an object on it even though I cannot see or click on whatever is there. Thank you for the help in advance!

  5. hiphophipposrule2007 says:

    I am obsessed with the pet patterns! The night before Valentine’s Day I sparked a giraffe baby with heart shaped spots on its back! I’m in love with it lol!!

  6. _xPho3nyxblade318x_ says:

    Awww, Sal, congrats on your sweet new wabbits, dude!! <3 maybe you'll get a st. Patty's day one or an Easter one!! A greeeeeen jackelope. ,XD But also, BE STILL MY HEART, IIIII’M DREAMING OF A WHIIIIIITE KITTTYYYYY

  7. Beckinz8 says:

    Hi Sally! Your triplets are adorable! I sparked for Valentine’s too. I sparked my newly grown rare piggies from my side account that you featured in baby showcase #63. They were both so dark and boldly colored that when I got a sunshiny yellow piglet, I was surprised. I named it Saffron. The next baby was my real shocker though – I sparked two rare piggies and got – a pinktastic lion?!? I was so at a loss, that I had no name ready, so I just called him Valentine. I’m saving their last sparks for a future combo with some of my other pets. My beautiful unicorn Natalia from my main account, also featured in baby showcase #63, sparked with a blond unicorn and gave me – another unicorn! She is my first 7th gen pet and comes from a long line of unicorns. I named her Pippa, which means lover of horses, which just about sums me up! I have a kid rainbow retriever, Noelle, that I can’t wait to spark with when she’s grown. I am hoping for some awesome exclusive traits! Congrats to all of the featured Next families this week! My favorite pet from this batch is the beautiful pastel rainbow sherbet panda. It’s making me hungry! Haha!

    • Alexandrite_Ledger says:

      I’m a Pippa. XD I would looooove to see you next house!! Maybe you can invite me sometime;)

      • Beckinz8 says:

        Nice to know that I have other Pippa friends! I would love to have you over some time, but I’ll have to tidy up first – sweep the floors, vacuum the carpets, etc. LOL! You know when you do spark parties and your webbie family grows faster than you were ready for and you suddenly realize that you don’t have a dedicated place to put everybody? It’s kind of like that at the moment. When it was at it’s worst, I just threw down sleeping bags and told my displaced webbies to find a comfy spot and crash until I can get new room assignments sorted. LOL! Designing a whole new room from start to finish costs ten of thousands of kinzcash. Maybe Next needs a bank where we can take out really low interest building development loans?

        • _xPho3nyxblade318x_ says:

          HAHA, go ahead!! Mine is just open & messy, lol! I have 4 properties on Rainbow & 2 on Dash & the smaller ones are easier to handle. ;-; YES, I would love a bank!! Kinda like in Iowa, they could do a dairy month/week, where you can get free ice cream!! Ahhh, that would be such a cool idea & we could add Fluffington to Next!!

    • xamyspur says:

      Also a Pippi here, patiently waiting for horses in Webkinz Next! But also dreaming of new horses in Classic. They just don’t get enough love in the games, and they are sooooo cute!

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