Baby Survey

Thanks to everyone’s great work, babies can now move around Kinzville in a variety of awesome strollers! So what’s next for babies? You tell us! Log in to Webkinz Next and submit your answer to our new survey!


What did you vote for? Tell us in the comments below!

Also, do you have cute pictures of your baby? Submit them to our Webkinz Babies Share Center gallery!

34 Responses to Baby Survey

  1. teddybear says:

    My question is not directly about the survey but it is related to the baby park. Today (Feb 7) on the Webkinz site it says to click on the challenge icon and then “buy 3 new snacks to win a recipe card from a backyard baby slide. Howevber I do not seem to have the challenge icon. Wonder if this came out a bit early and the icon will show up on a different day.?????

  2. calvarychapelboy says:

    what is webkinz next?

  3. Ibesawebkinzplayer says:


  4. judesjar says:

    baby merry-go-round

  5. EmiEm1 says:

    When you make a baby does that baby have any sparks when it grows up?? And if so how many sparks will it have?

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