Baby Survey

Thanks to everyone’s great work, babies can now move around Kinzville in a variety of awesome strollers! So what’s next for babies? You tell us! Log in to Webkinz Next and submit your answer to our new survey!


What did you vote for? Tell us in the comments below!

Also, do you have cute pictures of your baby? Submit them to our Webkinz Babies Share Center gallery!

34 Responses to Baby Survey

  1. Woof02120 says:

    I’d definitely say the ball pool, because all of the other features are already included in Webkinz Next (Would the babies be able to use these?).

  2. ILOVEWEBKINZ1234567892374 says:

    ball pool

  3. LivingAloha says:

    Ball pool!!! I don’t have a baby yet, but my pet still looks cute with the stroller.

  4. mfaull says:

    You need to get Webkinz Next working for Macs please.

  5. Beckinz8 says:

    I can’t play Webkinz Next because our family computer doesn’t have Windows 10. But I have hope that someday we will and I will be able to try out the new game. So, when I get there, I think that swings would be really nice in a Baby Park. The baby merry-go-round sounds interesting, particularly if it can hold several pets at once. The outdoor ball pool sounds fun but germy. LOL! And baby slides sound just a little too scary. I hope that all the WW Next players have fun with their webbies in the new Baby Park!

    • cowtown2 says:

      if you have a best buy store close they can do an upgrade not sure how much, or a computer store, that does upgrades or how to get it, they should give them free, i hope you can get it soon,

  6. boulilou says:

    baby slide pour m’amuser

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