Behind the Scenes: Fiesta Theme Concept Drawings


Have you noticed that a new Premium theme is available in the WShop? You can pick up items from the Fiesta theme using your eStore points and create a colorful party room for your pet.


Before our 3D artists create an item to be used in Webkinz World, a concept artist will make a sketch to be used as a reference image. Here are 3 concept drawings that inspired some of the items from the Fiesta theme:


The Fiesta Bed is very colorful! The thick wooden frame is a nice touch:



What pet wouldn’t want to sit by the Fiesta Fireplace?



Here’s a sneak peek at a piece of this theme that will be available soon… the Fiesta Bathtub! The decorative touches to some of the tiles featured on this tub are a beautiful touch:



Stay tuned for more concept drawings from our talented artists…


40 Responses to Behind the Scenes: Fiesta Theme Concept Drawings

  1. rksovis1 says:


  2. loonypop says:

    giacias, Ganz XD

  3. marco090101 says:

    Great job Ganz!! I love it!!! I wish I could buy them but I don’t have eStore points!! :’( But on a good note, I love the Fiesta Bathtub!! It is so rugged, kinda like an old western cottage themed bathtub. :D

  4. baba495 says:

    oh i no how u feel i reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaly want this theme 2 :( but i used all my estore points from fluffingtons giveaway:(

  5. Mochagarden5 says:

    I love the Fiesta Bed!

  6. RosyKitten says:

    Love the new fiesta theme. A little disappointed it can only be bought with e-store points. Other than that I think it’s a beautiful theme.

  7. arteme says:

    Absolutely love this theme – such amazing details. Bravo!

  8. ilikekodi says:

    These are my favorite games i can only play once a month! Crafty Canaries, eager beaver Adventure park, Stardrops, tunneling twigsy, waddles icecap adventure, (i played it since i was 6) and whimsy skies!

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