Behind the Scenes: Music Starz Storyboard!


Before an animator created one of the music videos that you can watch in the Music Starz section of Webkinz, an artist first created a storyboard for the video. A storyboard is a series of drawings that are used to show the sequence of scenes planned for a video. This gives the animator a visual script to work from when creating the actual video.


Take a look at some of the panels from the “Scaredy Cat” storyboard compared to actual frames from the music video. In this video, a group of Webkinz go “trick or treating” and end up at a Halloween dance!

Watch the complete music video to “Scardey Cat” in the Music Starz section of Webkinz. You can  access Music Starz from the THINGS TO DO menu or, CLICK HERE to watch the video on the Webkinz YouTube channel!


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59 Responses to Behind the Scenes: Music Starz Storyboard!

  1. cdbaski says:

    I wish I was like them always coming up with ideas I have been trying too invent a webkinz and have it go on webkinz fan art but so far no good ideas and a lot of wasted paper.

  2. brookloveswebkinzforever says:

    bring back music starz music videos

  3. bunnyfunfun101 says:

    omg so so so so so cool

  4. bunnyfunfun101 says:

    i LOVE scaredy cat so so much oh and soon its halloween

  5. hln2004 says:

    These are pretty awesome!

  6. spookythelavadragon says:

    Just a concern, are you guys going to do the Halloween thing with (I think) Spooky the Ghost where you wait in rooms for him? Its just been a couple days in October and i’m not sure if you start that at the beginning of sometime in the month. Are you guys going to do it?

  7. beaubo says:

    The video’s are fun to watch.

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