Bellatart: Recipe Revealed!


Looking to do something special for your Webkinz pet this Valentine’s Day? Try making them a lovely recipe food right in their room!


Bellatart is one beautiful-looking tart that can be made in two different ways! Since one of the ingredients is strawberries, you can use either store-bought strawberries from the WShop, or Farm Fresh Strawberries grown from the seed packets planted in your yard!





Combine these ingredients together on any regular stove and your pet will get one delightfully-delicious Valentine’s Day treat!


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36 Responses to Bellatart: Recipe Revealed!

  1. nitelite says:

    lol I have tons of gunk ..quick fix to challenges XD

  2. Prettypikachu says:

    Hi GANZ, I would like to report a glitch. When I am cooking, it takes 2x the ingredients every recipe I make! For example, I had 7 strawberries, and after making ONE recipe, I only have 5. Please fix this, it is costing me DOUBLE the money to make Valentine’s gifts for my friends!

  3. kittenloverz101223 says:

    I just made 30 of these then fed 2 to one of my pets and then 1 to another. I am saving the other 27 for valentines day in my ( family score prize ) stainless steel mega fridge and two of my cool colorful fridges! Thank you for revealing this recipe! :)

  4. machaela says:

    Sally it looks delicious. Problem is even when my pets ask for stove/blender recipes it makes the food but does not acknowledge it. Pets happiness still goes down but food is added to my dock. Suggestions??

  5. ChromTheCat says:

    Will it be there forever, or will the recipe be deleted after Valentine’s? I’d love to make it year ’round.

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