Berry Fest Starts Today!



Berry Fest officially starts today (June 18) and runs until June 28th in Webkinz World.


Click on a button below to learn more about this year’s festival:







How are you enjoying this year’s Berry Fest? Do you have any ideas for next year’s festival? Please leave your comments below…


23 Responses to Berry Fest Starts Today!

  1. MisakiKt says:

    I just got a empty jam jar, but I don’t know what to do with it. Can someone help me? Thx! ♥

  2. keuka01 says:

    What kind of prizes can be won by clicking on the empty Jam Jars?

  3. Elessar says:

    Berry Fest has always been one of my favorite WW events! As for ideas for next year … How about a treasure hunt here on WKN? And/or a Berry Fest Challenge on WW – The prizes (in both cases), of course, MORE BERRIES!!! (((Mmmmm … Yummy)))

  4. doingmydailies says:

    YAY! Berry Fest is finally here! :D

  5. ca10lu says:

    Can’t wait to feel up my preserve jars and win some new prizes :)

  6. Dolphinlover55 says:

    AAAAAAHHHHHH!!!! I LOVE BERRY FEST!!!!!! Hehe lol:)

  7. Milkyrose4362 says:

    Awesmazing! (awesome+amazing) Looks like its time to get sweet and juicy again! XD

  8. FennecFox says:

    Yay! Berry Fest, here i come!

  9. geogal says:

    Can’t wait! This is always my favorite event. Thanks

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