Bonus Activities for Lil Toad Owners Start TODAY!


Lil Toad owners have a lil something special to look forward to starting today! Because all October, Lil Toad Owners can enjoy bonus activities! To see what activities YOUR Lil Toad can do each day, check out the list below! It’s toad-ally fun!



10 Responses to Bonus Activities for Lil Toad Owners Start TODAY!

  1. dawnscott1 says:

    Sally maybe you can check into it. The Twisted and Trouble have 3 “SOMETHING SHINY” But Toil only has 2 *sniff sniff* All of the pets with activities the entire month have always been 3 chances at the something shiny. I could go without a Jelly Bean challenge for the 3rd something shiny :P

  2. 2hearts4me says:

    I am trying to find these cute little toads in the Estore, but not luck !!! Can anyone tell me where to find them? Thanks, signed, wanting those toads.

  3. 2hearts4me says:

    I just love this new trio of cute little pets. I went to Estore to buy them, but I could not find them !! Where do I find them. Thanks for your help. signed>>>Wanting those toads !!

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