Bonus Wallpaper with 1 Year Deluxe Starts today!


From January 2 – 31, you can get a free Aurora Borealis Wallpaper with the purchase of a 1 Year Deluxe Membership!


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  1. alucard says:

    Renewed my two Deluxe Accounts today, one right after the other. On the first account, I got the new Aurora Borealis ride and Wallpaper and the new teen room gift box. On the second account, I got the 2019 special item and the Cozy Condo gift box. I would REALLY like to get what I’m suppose to get with the 2020 Deluxe Membership. I suppose I’ll have to call Ganz tomorrow and hopefully they will be able to fix this. *sigh!* I wish they could fix these glitches. :-(

  2. ferretfuzzbut says:

    It shows that the new deluxe item was supposed to start on 1/1 but I purchased a deluxe yesterday and it said it was the old deluxe item. I forgot to remind mom to get her deluxe and I’m kind of glad because she got it today…more money but she got the new deluxe gift AND the wallpaper!!!!

    • ferretfuzzbut says:

      I haven’t redeemed mine yet because I have a few weeks until it is due but will I get last years deluxe item or this years?

    • xstarmint says:

      it says january 2nd actually… if you want the 2020 deluxe item. if you purchased a deluxe membership before january 2nd then you still get last year’s deluxe item.

      • lemony says:

        Not true…if you buy it in CODE form say last year in 2019 and enter it in 2020, you get this years, 2020 prize. The year you bought the code has NOTHING to do with the yearly prize. It’s WHEN you enter it :)

        • ferretfuzzbut says:

          actually, I’m pretty sure it is from when you BUY it, not from when you redeem it but I bought it on Jan 1. The new deluxe item says in the ad above that it starts on Jan 1, NOT Jan 2, that is when you get the wallpaper. I know I won’t get the wallpaper (actually, mom’s letting me use her code so I will get the wallpaper and then she will use mine and we will see what she gets)

  3. lemony says:

    Sally or Michael or Mandy ;) daily medallions have stopped floating….help!

  4. lemony says:

    Uh oh! Michael or Sally…some logged in their yearly membership and got last years deluxe special gift :( should they email CS?

  5. malihini says:

    I wish I would have known that the wallpaper was going to be offered Jan 2, I renewed my Deluxe Membership yesterday. Webkinz PLEASE offer this for Deluxe Members to purchase with our EStore points!

    • piggitime says:

      I knew, but I can only justify deluxe in my situation by getting it half off. But I also desperately want and neeeed that wallpaper, and I am devastated by this terrible decision they made regarding it only being released like this. Really hoping ganz will reconsider and offer this to all Deluxe members. Meanwhile, I feel strangely bereft and adrift with my main account non-Deluxe for the first time in over ten years, and having to miss the December box there because of all the stupid complications when the expiration is on Dec. 31st. It’s a nightmare. Seriously, there is ‘exclusive’ and there is this freaking completely absurd and greedy…for the love of everything, ganz, please allow us to outright purchase the past items, at least once a year…and yes, while I am dreaming of you actually doing right by us, at affordable, non-gouging prices, and not as more greedy grabs like along with the highest points packages. (But since people are saying they are still getting last year’s item I guess I keep waiting. But then that’s what I mean about re-offering them …because to get the 2020 gift, I lose out on the 2019 for that account because of the Dec 31st thing, and that sucks.)

      • lemony says:

        If your deluxe is on auto renew, cancel it. Then buy a code and enter it in January, your account will expire in Jan but by having a code you can enter it whenever you want ;)

    • kaye10 says:

      noticed that yesterday and therefore did not buy then!! understand your frustration, but I have learned that reading the fine details is necessary when it comes to W (good thing my law degree pays off occasionally!!) best and happy new year/decade :) k.

    • BH1464 says:

      I agree. The Aurora Borealis Wallpaper should be available for all Deluxe Members to purchase. The only way I can afford to be Deluxe is to purchase my membership when it is half price, ($22.50). As much as I would like to have the special wallpaper to go with the 2020 Deluxe Special Gift, I could not justify waiting a day and paying the full price for my Deluxe Membership, $44.99 (the $22.50 extra just to get a wallpaper valued at 4,000 e-store points or about $4.00). If paying full price for a Deluxe Membership is the only way to get this wallpaper, there will be many disappointed Webkinz Deluxe Members. It is not at all a fair trade-off.

    • lemony says:

      They did tell us. Sorry you missed out. It was explained in the last podkinz that it would be available from Jan 2 to 30…same as previous years.

      • ferretfuzzbut says:

        NOT same as previous years. I got a snow outfit either last year or the year before when I purchased my deluxe membership on Jan 1st when it was 1/2 price membership day.

  6. szivarvany5 says:

    These items are beautiful! Every time we go up north to Algonquin Park I keep hoping to see the Borealis lights, but somehow it is always slightly cloudy when we are there and we miss them. My parents honeymooned in Algonquin, so it is a very special place for all of us! Here`s hoping to next time!

  7. LovesStaffordshires says:

    I LOVE the wallpaper & wish I could get it. Pittiesrule

  8. netge says:

    Will we be able to buy the wallpaper in the estore if we don’t buy a Deluxe membership in January? My Deluxe accounts renew at the end of August, so much too early to be thinking of buying them now.

  9. kelly989 says:

    Will the wallpaper be tradable? I’m assuming no because the previous Deluxe bonus items were not, but I was just seeing if anyone knows for sure.

  10. Unicornluv246 says:

    I think these two items look beautiful together in a room.

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