Breaking Newz: Beware Imitation Webkinz Apps!

This just in!  A Fake Webkinz App has appeared on Google Play!


Webkinz World Mobile App by AppymanDev is an imposter – don’t be fooled!


Don’t be deceived!  This is not a real Webkinz app and it doesn’t even work!


Tell your friends!


42 Responses to Breaking Newz: Beware Imitation Webkinz Apps!

  1. cleapatrathequeen says:

    i use bing now. I will save this now. my mom will probably download it.

  2. cashe21 says:

    Thank you for letting everyone know, Ganz. I know all my friends and I would have gotten that app if you hadn’t have told us. I’ll make sure none of my friends get that app.

  3. swaggiehott says:

    Who would trick people like that? Webkinz should make a real app, though.

  4. Monique777 says:

    Thanks for letting us know! I LOVE GANZ!!!

  5. StarlightMagic says:

    THANKS GANZ :D :D :D Wow, that is VERY illegal!

  6. MelliesKitty says:

    Ty for telling us, if we did use it we could be hacked!

  7. glitchedgirl says:

    Oh good thing is was about to. Then i remembered i cant download on cromebooks. WHEW!

  8. banannat8 says:

    thanks for letting us know u guys should um…. report this to the poice or some 1 cause ur stuff is copy right so thanks

  9. nitelite says:

    how do you know if you are in the real Webkinz??

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