Build A Bright & Boho Balcony!


The fabulous newBright & Boho Balcony theme designed by tweetbird4 is now available in the W Shop! Tweetbird4 did an amazing job and the Webkinz artists have brought that vision to life in Webkinz World.


Now it’s your chance to design your own Bright and Boho Balcony! We can’t wait to see the designs you come up with!


You can find these amazing items under ‘Themes A-L’ in the W Shop. Congratulations again to tweetbird4 for a job well done!


86 Responses to Build A Bright & Boho Balcony!

  1. bonkyl says:

    this feels very moroccan!!

  2. sunnibunniskis says:

    sunnirain if you want to be friends

  3. winnieheehee says:

    Oh wow thats pretty i already bought everything UwU and it looks great! <3

  4. plentyofpenguins22 says:

    Can someone send me the chair from this theme? I am not a Deluxe Member, so I can’t get one myself. Thanks! Username is plentyofpenguins :)

  5. Animalgirl4eva_ says:

    What items are deluxe? I LOVE this room theme and all the items!!! I hope I get the whole collection!

  6. tweetbird4 says:

    Hello everyone! I want to thank the Webkinz graphic team for being so open and respectful of the designs they requested for me to send them in addition to the chair design for the Bright Boho Balcony. Thanks also for all the kind comments. The design team did such an amazing job bringing this theme to life. To the person who asked, yes I am extremely pleased with the execution of the theme. It is almost exactly as I had envisioned. The designers actually used the sketches I sent in a lot more closely than I had ever imagined, which was very kind of Webkinz because I basically had the opportunity to custom-design a room theme. I am especially happy with the colors as I had only sent them grey pencil sketches of the room pieces such as the bed, rug, brazier, wallpaper and flooring, as well as the terracotta hanging planters with a list of the desired colors. I am so glad that so many players are as happy with the results as I am. Woo hoo!

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