Build an Incredible Garden with these Family Score Prizes

12 Gorgeous Outdoor Items for your pets to enjoy!

We added 12 new outdoor items to the Family Score prize pool in Webinz Next.
Add a touch of cool to your yard with gorgeous water features including the Serene Dream Pond, Grotto Lagoon, Waterwheel and the Serenity Wall Fountain.

Indoor/outdoor living looks luxurious and cozy with the Stained Glass Igloo, Steam Sauna, Blooming Garden Shed and Pirate Ship Treehouse.

Plus, unique and fun items you won’t find anywhere else such as the Fire Fountain, the Octagonal Shed and the grand prize, the Webkinz Halfpipe!

You can earn Family Score prizes by growing your family and taking care of your pets. Log in to Webkinz Next every day for your chance to win these awesome outdoor prizes.

What’s your favorite item in YOUR garden?

Download Webkinz Next now — available for iOS, MacOS, Android and Windows 10.



24 Responses to Build an Incredible Garden with these Family Score Prizes

  1. booreeves says:

    I’m having trouble with The Family Score, Before I open the Family Score and iit says I have a gift, but when I open it and it’s said I have it because of the green check mark,but when I looked in my dock I couldn’t find it in my dock. I also searched for it and still can’t find it.

  2. piggitime says:

    Two things…I Achieved my family score cherry tree just before the update. And then I updated and ever since my family score thing keeps telling me I have a prize and the gift box there will not go away. And the other thing — and I see related grievances expressed here already. So We the Fans campaigned a really long hard time for items to go in BOTH indoor and outdoor rooms. Why in the (Webkinz) world would programming for Next exclude this and make us have to start over with the incessant begging and pleading? But okay, please, please, pleeeeease program to allow all items to go both in and out doors in Next too. Um, please?

    • sally says:

      Two new prizes were added to the beginning of the Family Score list. Scroll to the left to claim them and the notification will go away. Will pass on your other concerns.

      • piggitime says:

        Ohhhh. Thanks, Sally! Got the new prizes claimed, box is gone now. And thanks for passing on the rest, and okay if someone is listening, I think a lot more of us than just me still need a site wide sound silencer for autism/other sensory reasons, since Mute Tab is no longer a valid option.

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