Bump into Wacky in the Clubhouse!


There’s a Wacky new room in the Clubhouse where you can take a spin in the new Wacky and Zangoz bumper cars!  These cute new cars are brand new to Webkinz World – you have a chance at winning a Wacky Bumper Car when you feed your pet one of the Wacky Milkshakes you can find floating around Webkinz World from August 1 – 11. And right now at Ganz eStore you can get a Zangoz Bumper Car FREE when you spend 25,000 eStore Points!



All this bumper car action will probably make your pets thirsty, so click on the inflatable Zangoz in the corner to get a FREE Wacky Milkshake.  Remember, every time you feed a Wacky Milkshake to your pet you have a chance of winning your very own Wacky bumper car!


We can’t wait to bump into you in the Clubhouse!

13 Responses to Bump into Wacky in the Clubhouse!

  1. GrandmaSassieDeluxe says:

    Was the last chance to get a Wacky Bumper Car on Aug 11? You can still get milkshakes in the Club House and feed them to your pet, but I never got a Wacky Bumper Car! I even bought a Zangoz Bumper Car, thinking I would win a Wacky Bumper Car to go with it. I’m very disappointed!

  2. WoofyPlays says:

    Well, I don’t have a Zangoz Bumper Car, but I have two Wacky Bumper Cars!

  3. strawberrystraw1912 says:

    I love the bumper cars room so much! Its so so so so so much fun!!!!!!! –strawberries <3

  4. Cynthkinz says:

    I wish this room was also available in Kinzchat Plus, along with all of the other rooms in Kinzchat. That way, we could talk to our friends while riding around in those bumper cars. Who else thinks all of the clubhouse rooms in Kinzchat should also be added to Kinzchat Plus? In December, when the Santakinz Room is in the Clubhouse, that room should also be in Kinzchat Plus.

  5. Marissa76 says:

    These are so cute! I wish the Zangoz was available for free but I’m greatful for Wacky

  6. 23fairy23 says:

    I couldn’t get my pet to get in a car and drive it…

  7. KSC says:

    This is such a fun idea! I can’t wait to get to the Clubhouse!

  8. 7debbie7 says:

    Looks Like Fun!

  9. momdisney says:

    I won one!

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