Camo Croc Winners

Congratulations to oudoll2, therachelatkins, ChickenFarmer, LuckyFinnigan, and Powerann! They’ve each been sent an Adoption Code for a virtual Camo Croc, July’s Pet of the Month!


Adopt the Camo Croc any time in July to get a Pet of the Month loot bag, filled with prizes and a surprise you pick yourself!

38 Responses to Camo Croc Winners

  1. ChickenFarmer says:

    I think I’m one of the winners, but my email has recently changed and I can’t login to retrieve my code because I forgot to change my email on webkinz newz. What can I do?

  2. bethzing123 says:

    I didn’t expect to win I put in to much absurd things cause the only thing I want to do is stay at home and not do anything and that’s what I did

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