Catch Floating Hearts & Win!


In honor of the loveliest, sweetest holiday of all, Valentine’s Day, you can click floating hearts in Webkinz World between Feb. 1-14! Check out what you can win…




You can catch one a day until February 14! Good luck!


61 Responses to Catch Floating Hearts & Win!

  1. nash333 says:

    I spend 2 hours this morning trying to find the heart for my grandson. I think having to wait over 2 hours for a piece of candy is way too long. I finally gave up. I hope this is a glitch because most children have homework and chores to do before bed and do not have 2 hours of computer time.

  2. carn980 says:

    i haven’t been able to find the chocolate on here I hope it shows up or else I wont be able to get the final prize please help webinz

  3. tarayvonne says:

    I love the floaty item events :-) So fun!

  4. KoalasRock2000 says:

    I can’t wait to earn a badge on Valentine’s Day. If you send anyone a note letter with a pink heart on it, you can earn a badge. I have been trying to earn badges lately. :mrgreen:

  5. Warden says:

    Is it only ONE heart per day?? I’ve been on WW and I think I have only seen four hearts at the most! There is nothing there! =( Why so few?

  6. happyfeet89 says:

    We have collected a lot of the floating hearts..but, yet to receive the last 2 prizes..Just fuessing that these 2 are harder to find..?? Since you can only collectone a day..can you please tell us how to better our odds at winning these 2 food?? Thanks so much!!

  7. jen9701 says:

    I didn’t get any

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