Celebrate being Deluxe with NEW Coconut Oasis items!








So relaxing…
August Specials: Coconut Oasis items!












Restore your sense of calm with this sweet and soothing theme!



You may find these August Deluxe Advantage Specials and more at eStore!
To learn more about Deluxe Memberships, click here. Not a Deluxe Member? Not to worry, these items will be available again at a later date to all eStore customers.


39 Responses to Celebrate being Deluxe with NEW Coconut Oasis items!

  1. ryanjake2013 says:

    I love It & Deluxe But It would cost way too much real money to get it :(

  2. mysebasatian says:

    awesome and thankfully I am deluxe BUT I don’t have many estore points friend me on webkinz!!!!!! I singed up on webkinznews with my webkinz account

  3. Narnian100 says:

    Oooh this theme is so me.Great job Ganz!

  4. coacoadog says:

    it looks cool but i’m not deluxe :(

  5. nonopuppy123 says:

    AWESOMNESS !!!!;)

  6. summercone says:

    aww i wish i had the money to buy a membership

  7. designergirl101 says:

    Later date, is this referring to the w-shop, floaty clicky or something estore?

  8. markg97 says:

    Awesome that it coming to the wShop Soon, hope all the items are open to all members. I just love the Waterfall room divider.

  9. designergirl101 says:

    Wow this is cute! Two Thumbs Up to whoever made this room. You do great! Its a a little cramped but I love it anyway. I wont be getting it, not because its not cute but because I already have a spa, maybe someday. Just its not “needed”. LOL :)

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