Challenge: Delivering for us every day!


We depend on the postal and delivery workers who keep goods moving! There are always important packages and mail that need to be delivered and a delivery worker’s job is never done. Let’s show our thanks to all of those who help deliver our packages on time! From November 21 to 25, complete another challenge in Webkinz World!


Log into your Webkinz account and look for the challenge icon on the left side of your screen. If you complete the challenge you’ll win a Pink Scrubs Pants and a wCares Balloons!


Your next challenge starts on November 26!

24 Responses to Challenge: Delivering for us every day!

  1. tema says:

    my computer crashed when i finished the challenge and i never received pants or balloon. thank you

  2. marylou says:

    It has been very busy lately, both in WW and RL! I agree that just one more day for the Delivery Workers challenge would be much appreciated by everyone. One more day is all that I need to complete this challenge and honor all of the very essential delivery workers!

  3. cvd1934 says:

    I will have to let this one go, crying big tears. Too many things, so little time, the bar is set way too high for me. I have never had to “buy” my way out, but the past month has been bad, can’t do it anymore. I know U mean well trying to keep us busy, but you are leaving some of us in the dust. I will keep plugging along, Love this game. A Webkinz player Always! Thanks . charka

  4. cowtown2 says:

    we need one more day please and can you try to bring these back sometimeif we didn’t get an item to match i wish they was in the w shop or the clothes shopwith mask please add them we need an extra day we need four if we miss a day then we cant get it and i missed a day then when i got to do it the next day it was not working good for me, i kept getting logged off then i go back on and out again i forgot what i had done what i forgot and it was the wish please add us a extra day really like these allot ty this would be great to buy items in the w shop and players that are not able to send gifts or get help like the fire hydrant or the drink its hard on them and the free players who i hope can join soon maybe christmas you can get an account ask your parents to do a year is best but if you want to get one month deluxe try it, i hope you paernts can now that we all are learning to shop on line now or grocery shop and food delivery, be safe wear a mask happy thanksgiving to all thnak you workers thank you webkinz this was so nice to do, maybe add these to wshop for all, soon ty more challenges please add extra day.

  5. sugarybear says:

    My computer/account was having problems on Friday, and I realized the prizes from the last challenge never added to my dock/saved to my account even though I finished the challenge! Sally Webkinz can I get some help?

  6. KICAVE says:

    Was not able to get into webkinz for about 5 days last week and missed getting the pink top for delivery workers. Does anyone by chance have an extra one they could pass along. It would be very appreciated.

  7. n9vpg says:

    I was wondering where and how do I find the sidewalk tiles to finish this challenge?

  8. 1donnaw says:

    I bought 4 wishes from the wish shop and I did not get credit on this challenge. What is going on? I dont have that many wish tokens left. I am so sad

    • Sally Webkinz says:

      You need to do the Wish of the Day. Click the orb in front of Amanda Panda and click on your favorite item to wish for it. It does not require wish tokens

      • jbkss says:

        Sally Webkinz, You seem to be the only one who answers any questions. I have been trying to let Webkinz know I haven’t received my deluxe box for November and that I do not want to automatically renew my deluxe membership on November 25, 2021 and haven’t gotten any response. How do I notify them?

        • Sally Webkinz says:

          Make sure you’re contacting — but you don’t receive a Deluxe Box in your renewal month until you renew – a 1-year membership gets you 12 boxes, and the first you get right away. You should be able to go turn off renewal by logging in to your Ganz eStore account

      • 1donnaw says:

        Thanks Sally!! I didn’t read the directions correctly. Oops!!

      • rlla14 says:

        The challenge doesn’t say Wish of the Day, it says make 4 wishes. So I “wished for” four items as well as doing the wish of the day, so got credit for ONE wish. Oh, well, at least I wanted those wish items! Usually when it’s Wish of the Day for the challenges, it says that specifically. VERY easy to misunderstand. Glad I don’t have to worry about needing more tokens to make three more wishes.

    • cowtown2 says:

      sorry same here can we get an extra day or two until new challenge starts, had trouble to get on saturday four wishes in five days cant miss one day can we please have two more days, the wish is hard just one a day i hope all players could buy these soon in wshop that would be so nice, we love these ty

  9. BlueMoonCat says:

    I wish all of the Thank You to Essential Worker announcements were made into posters. They would be so cute in our rooms!!!

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