Challenge: Time to Decorate!


Between October 16 and 23 during the next Halloween Challenge in Webkinz World, work at the Employment Office, play Pumpkin Patch Protector, and make another piece of the Vampire Panther Costume – the Vampire Panther Pants – to earn your third Creepy Cursed Chair and Goblin Gummies!


To do this challenge, log into your Webkinz account and look for the challenge icon on the left side of your screen. Your next challenge starts on October 24!


56 Responses to Challenge: Time to Decorate!

  1. bobette says:

    I am glad to be finished with this.

  2. maomom says:

    Oh my goodness! I thought I was the only one who felt this way! I get the impression that WW picks the worst performing games for the challenges just to try to get people to play them. I’m a gaming software developer. I’ve written almost all of these games in one form or the other. I see the glaring problems with all of them but because I’m a senior software engineer now I can see where it’s easier just to use the existing games than to try to modify them. Considering how old they are and the legacy systems they were written on, it would be a kindness to delete them and add new ones that worked with all the updates we’ve done to the hardware over the decade. But then those of us who are “older” would feel like our old favorites are gone and WW didn’t care enough for us to keep them. It’s a fine line to update the classics and make them work better. BUT it can be done.

  3. DFitch says:

    I hate pumpkin patch and $120 is impossible to get to, will not participate in this or any challenge with Pumpkin patch

  4. ImaPepper says:

    I’m not very good at Pumpkin Patch Protector; my computer has terrible lag! It’s on life support, lol. I find that if I play three rounds of a game for a challenge and then do something else before trying the game again, I can usually complete the challenge and not get too frustrated with the games I’m bad at. I can score about 10KC a game, so 12 games…I can do that! Now, Candy Bash? That’s a whole other story….. But, hey, the prizes are worth it, so thanks!

  5. KarenaJ says:

    We are really singing for our supper to get this ghost dining set! Pumpkin Patch Protector is an annoying game by far. I only get around 18-20KC a game. I’m glad to pick up another Goblin Gummies though, that thing is too cute and my favorite candy piece from Spooky last year.

    • KarenaJ says:

      Is there going to be any community challenge this Halloween or are these challenges the only gig?

    • 321Otis2 says:

      Please reply. I do not know where to get the pumpkin patch trick-a-treat pumpkin. Would some one also explain what to do when your email does not have anything to activate your account. I have been playing webkins for years and it bothers me allot that I cannot play all the areas. I am a demand player. My log in name seens different. I am 321Otis. Sorrry about those having trouble with pumpkin patch. I like it. Webkinz cannot win. I dislike the lilly jumping. Maybe Webkinz can come up wiith a partnership like big brothers or sisters. 5 seems allot of own for one person. Well anyway good luck. I like the people in webkins and its nice how we look out for one another.

  6. alucard says:

    GOOD GRIEF, WEBKINZ! Why in the world did you have to pick Pumpkin Patch Protector for this challenge? I REALLY dislike this game! I have 5 accounts where I’m trying to do for this challenge, and now, it’s almost next to impossible to do! Yes, I am an older adult and my “reflexes” are not what they use to be, but it’s really a difficult game to maneuver when playing. PLUS, you get so few points in order to get KinzCash! 120KinzCash??? Are you kidding me? 50KinzCash would have been a better amount to try to win. A more FAIR amount, not 120KC! This game is not only difficult to play, it’s BORING! You give us the chance to win such wonderful prizes, but you ruin the challenge by picking a game that most players don’t like, it’s too difficult to play, takes FOREVER to even get the amount of KinzCash to win, and you cause your older players a whole lot of anxiety trying to play the darn game! If game #3 of this challenge is this hard to play and win, just how hard will the final game be? This just makes me want to stop even trying on some of these challenges! You are taking the fun out of playing on Webkinz! :-(

    • Ellen1970 says:

      I agree WW picks the WORST games for their challenges and low scoring so not much cash. I love the prizes but dislike the games!

    • mayzie says:

      Same here. I get about 10 to 15 KC a game. It is one of the most annoying games in Webkinz World. I won’t pay $10 to skip the game so I just skip the challenge.

      • alucard says:

        I feel the same way, mayzie! I think 10,000epoints, or basically $10.00, is way too much to just skip part of a challenge! I seem to remember that the “price” for skipping a part of a challenge was 1000epoints, or “$1.00″. That is a more reasonable, and fair, price! I know they want us to “play” the challenges, but sometimes, like having to play this awful game, is just too hard! Plus, sometimes I just don’t have the time to sit for hours at the computer trying to complete a challenge. I dare say that most of us, especially the adults, have things in the “real world” that we have to do. I just wish someone, Sally Webkinz maybe, could explain a reasonable reason as to just WHY they pick such difficult games for challenges, AND…why does it cost 10,000epoints/$10.00, just to skip a part of the challenge? We have already paid to play Webkinz by purchasing a pet, or being a Deluxe member. WHY do we have to pay so much just to skip part of a challenge game? It’s so frustrating! I’m going to stop playing challenges that have us play such difficult games, and games in the Tournament Arena. Challenges are suppose to be fun, NOT stressful, and so expensive to skip! :-(

        • ArcanineEspeon says:

          I don’t really have anything to add here, you guys just said it all very well. Pumpkin Patch Protector is a boring game. It does have terrible payout. It would be better if we were supposed to earn 50 Kinzcash. I have 4 accounts and it’s going to be a chore completing the challenge for even one of them. 10,000 estore points is absolutely absurd. I’m unemployed and even I (not to mention my parents, who I still haven’t told what kiddie game I insist on playing on the computer every night) feel like I’m wasting my time with this, EVEN if I listen to a podcast or something at the same time! Oh, wait, I do have two things to add. Pumpkin Patch Protector doesn’t even have appealing graphics or catchy music, and it’s really frustrating that Team Webkinz wasn’t even kind enough to make it the Game of the Day any day this week.

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