Challenge: Who’s planting Candy Trees?

Who’s planting Candy Trees?

Strange… since the beginning of October, some Candy Trees have been mysteriously appearing in Kinzville Park. First there was a Grape Taffy Tree and now there is a Saltwater Tree. Ella thought it was the mischievous Munchkins probably trying to make up for all the trouble they caused the Noble Elk last month. But the Munchkins insist it wasn’t them and now they’re trying to figure out who could be planting the trees.

Who’s planting Candy Trees?

To help the Munchkins get to the bottom of it, complete the ‘Who’s Planting Candy Trees?’ Challenge in Webkinz World between October 5th and 25th.

Who’s planting Candy Trees?

Who’s planting Candy Trees?

You’ll have to collect some of the candies from the Park to feed to your pet, place 12 Candy Tiles in your pet’s room, and earn 250 KinzCash at Home Before Dark! If you complete the challenge, you’ll win a Creature Candy Bag that your pet can wear, a Candy Tile, and a Creepy Candy Apple! Maybe you can help solve the mystery!

41 Responses to Challenge: Who’s planting Candy Trees?

  1. MONKEYSMILE05 says:

    This is 1 candy bag. Another will be i the next Podcast . Where do we find the last

  2. johnsonpirate3 says:

    Candy tree is un-clickable on web

  3. Warden says:

    What am I missing?? Candy tiles? I went to the cave, and got a candy. Then I read about the tiles, so I went back to see if there was another cave. Clicked on everything in the room, and then spent 20 minutes looking through my dock…. I didn’t see any “tile”, though I have NO idea what it looks like! A little help, please??

    • WillowTen says:

      Go to the Cave and follow the trail leading to the opening of the cave. Click on the left side of the cave opening (as you’re facing it). Go into the Decorations file AZ and scroll right until you come to Candy Tiles. It should be there in your dock. Hope this helps!! Good Luck!!

  4. rsprang says:

    I fed my pet 3 of the grape taffy and didn’t get credit for it but it took the salt water taffy. the challenge says any candy from the candy tree, what gives?

  5. EmmaFett says:

    Is anyone else having trouble clicking the tree in the park? I click on and around the tree and my pet stands on top of the tree but I don’t receive any candy. I tried exiting the park, going to a different park, and logging out and back in. Still nothing…

  6. polo says:

    I think his I one of my favorite challenges!!!!

  7. monsterhighrules323 says:

    I love challenges!!! I also love the candy tiles we’ll get from visiting the cave in the clubhouse!! This is so much fun!!!

  8. Snowlico says:

    So how are we supposed to place tiles in our pets? Are they transforming into a room temporarily? XD (I’m sure it’s just a typo and meant to say in your pet’s room. But it really made me laugh. XD)

  9. LovesStaffordshires says:

    I wish the candy bags could go on dresses as a lot of the costumes are a top & bottom one piece. pittiesrule

    • ilovemoonie says:

      YES! I was actually just going to comment about that, myself! I didn’t think about it at first, but then I realized that our pets won’t be able to wear the bags with pretty much all the Halloween costumes… I wonder if there’s a way they could make it so that our pets can wear the bags–just the bags, and not any other “belts”–with “dresses”? Well, either way, they’re still pretty awesome! ;) I just think it’d be even cooler if our pets could wear them with their Halloween costumes! :)

  10. kittly2008 says:

    I am loving the new items, creative team! The tiles are too cute! I would love to get some tiles for my new Halloween room, but I have not been able to enter the clubhouse at all recently. The clubhouse does not load and I keep getting a text box with the word “ok.” What do I need to do?

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