Challenge: Who’s planting Candy Trees?

Who’s planting Candy Trees?

Strange… since the beginning of October, some Candy Trees have been mysteriously appearing in Kinzville Park. First there was a Grape Taffy Tree and now there is a Saltwater Tree. Ella thought it was the mischievous Munchkins probably trying to make up for all the trouble they caused the Noble Elk last month. But the Munchkins insist it wasn’t them and now they’re trying to figure out who could be planting the trees.

Who’s planting Candy Trees?

To help the Munchkins get to the bottom of it, complete the ‘Who’s Planting Candy Trees?’ Challenge in Webkinz World between October 5th and 25th.

Who’s planting Candy Trees?

Who’s planting Candy Trees?

You’ll have to collect some of the candies from the Park to feed to your pet, place 12 Candy Tiles in your pet’s room, and earn 250 KinzCash at Home Before Dark! If you complete the challenge, you’ll win a Creature Candy Bag that your pet can wear, a Candy Tile, and a Creepy Candy Apple! Maybe you can help solve the mystery!

41 Responses to Challenge: Who’s planting Candy Trees?

  1. tinkerbellicious says:

    Love the challenge, but I think Ganz should have come up with a treat bag that’s full that could also be placed in our rooms.

  2. orrin6 says:

    That’s Cool Because I’m Making A Cool Backyard For My Webkinz And I Didn’t Know About Theses. But When I Saw Them. I’m Like I Want Theses

  3. noavk says:

    nice trying get home before dark game finish.

  4. momthersday says:

    I’m having trouble with this challenge. I’ve visited the cave each day, but I can’t find the candy tiles in my dock. Then I fed my pet the candy I collected so far, but I haven’t gotten ‘credit’ for it on my challenge checklist.

    • Alphaowlbear says:

      I found the candy tiles in my dock in the decorations section in the rugs category. The grape taffy did not register with the challenge for me, but the light green saltwater taffy did.

    • bekahandcj says:

      Yes, having same problem. Only the saltwater taffy gives you credit in the challenge, but now the taffy tree is gone and there’s a gumball tree…? Gumballs don’t count toward the challenge, so I’m confused.

    • Sollace says:

      The tiles can be ‘picked up’ and replaced back in the room and it counts as a new tile. They can also be mailed to a friend as well as the candy — To help others with the challenge. Neat thing about the tile is you can flip them for a different look.

  5. 73kibarry says:

    If you place the same tile 12 times you can complete that part sooner. Meaning, place and remove and place again. I tried on one account but I want all of the tiles for a room.

  6. clbur says:

    Tree not working in the park tonight? I tried in 2 different parks with no success

  7. larzy says:

    I love the candy tiles. Could work with Halloween, Easter, and regular day use. Would be perfect if one rotation was Christmas-y. Hopefully we will have a chance to earn more!

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