Check Out This Webkinz Room Design Video!

einicni was up to the challenge and posted her own Webkinz Room Design video on YouTube! She does a great job building a Brick & Ivy Patio using only items from the W-Shop. By the way, those beautiful Ivy Brick Walls can build built by dragging and dropping an Ivy Brick Wall Building Kit into your pet’s room and clicking on it in PLAY mode. You’ll find Building Kits in the FUN STUFF section of the W-Shop:



Create your own room design videos and upload them to YouTube… you never know, we may post your video right here on Webkinz Newz! Just make sure you use “Webkinz Room Design” in your title so they are easy to find.


Want to see more room design videos? Check out our “Let’s Build” series of videos hosted by Michael Webkinz:


Click HERE to watch more Let’s Build videos!


Congratulations einicni on a great video!

59 Responses to Check Out This Webkinz Room Design Video!

  1. mall117 says:

    has the irish setter retirement gift box been given out already??

  2. EmpressJJ says:


  3. paoddbeartashiekins says:

    =D _O

  4. rocketpower says:

    nice viedo i love i have a movie theater

  5. 3kp0301 says:

    I have a compete makeover kitchen. My kitchen is the best kitchen in webkinz world. If you want to visit my house just say i would like to by responding. Plus i will also might send you a gift , if you become my friend. I will try and invite you over every day!!!!!!

  6. Michelle08 says:

    Great job! Really nice =)

  7. CatHeart says:

    HOW DO YOU GET THAT MUCH KINZCASH!?!!!!!?!?!?! Great rooms by the way xD

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