Chinese Dragon Sold Out!



A note for Webkinz collectors:
The Chinese Dragon Webkinz pet was extremely popular and is now completely sold out from our warehouse. This fantastic dragon will need to wait a while for its official retirement party, but we wanted to let you know that if you see one in a store, grab it! When they’re gone, they’re gone!



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  1. penny04kinz says:

    I got the Chinese dragon. i just got him today and I really really love him lol, and I’m happy beacause my 3 sisters just got there webkinz,my sis hailey got 2 webkinz, the webkinz zumbuddy zed and the webkinz zumbuddy zrethe and my other sister got the webkinz signature Pomeranian and my other sis got the webkinz baby penguin!

  2. penny04kinz says:

    I GOT the Chinese dragon

  3. penny04kinz says:

    I think I’m going to get the Chinese dragon! But I know that my dad might let me get him!

  4. penny04kinz says:

    I love him

  5. penny04kinz says:

    I still did not get the chinese dragon but I still like him and just can’t stop talking about him! I love it!

  6. penny04kinz says:

    I really want the Chinese dragon and I dont think I’m gonna get him but I just want him! So bad and I’m don’t think I’m getting him!

  7. Melonslicer says:

    I finally got mine! :D It was only 12$ on amazon. Though, I haven’t figured out what to name him yet XD

  8. Melonslicer says:

    OHNONONONO not the Chinese dragon D: I want this pet sooo bad ;-; I hope I can convince my parents to let me buy one before they become expensive.

  9. pookie19 says:

    I think ganz should make a webkinz doberman becuase I just adore dobermans<3

  10. MOIRA50 says:

    OMG IT’S SO CUTE!!!!!

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