Close Up: Pure of Heart Balloon

The Very Valentine Season has rolled into week 3 and if you’ve been completing your daily and weekly tasks, you’ve probably already collecting some sweet prizes.

And, if you want to collect extra prizes, you can play with a Season Pass.

The Grand Prize for Season Pass players is the Pure of Heart Balloon.

This vehicle can be flown around Kinzville or around your properties. It also makes lovely indoor or outdoor decor.
What kind of Grand Prize is your absolute dream? An indoor item? Outdoor item? Vehicle? Dispenser?

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21 Responses to Close Up: Pure of Heart Balloon

  1. megamom12 says:

    I’m nearly there!

  2. BoulderPrarieHome says:

    I really don’t like the Diamond Gift Boxes. If I wanted that stuff I would just buy it myself. I am a car collector, I will buy all the cars you decided to make available. Also, I would really like some new pets, I am tired of sparking the same old pets. Love you Ganz. I so like Webkinz Next.

    • roachiesmom1 says:

      Some players can’t ‘just buy them’, and I think that is why the Diamond boxes were put in as prizes in the first place, in response to player requests. That understood, I too am tired of Diamond Gift Box being the prize at the end of the game. It was pretty exciting before, once I got sucked into this, to see what the cool grand prize was going to be, and now it’s just estore blind box. Again, I understand using estore things as an incentive for players who have little or no chance of getting diamonds other than earning them in-game, but it seems like the Season Specific special designs still ought to make them happy, too, so maybe mix it up a little here, guys.

      • sally says:

        Prior to the Diamond Gift Boxes, a specific premium W Shop item piece of furniture was awarded. They didn’t replace new prizes — they just added variety and chance instead of everyone getting the exact same premium furniture item.

        • grandmaback says:

          I’m all for variety but I have gotten repeats the prizes in diamond gift boxes and capsules every time they are offered. You should get something different each time and I would be much more likely to buy if they were programed that way. PS I do not like trading so that is not an option.

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