Close Up: Pure of Heart Balloon

The Very Valentine Season has rolled into week 3 and if you’ve been completing your daily and weekly tasks, you’ve probably already collecting some sweet prizes.

And, if you want to collect extra prizes, you can play with a Season Pass.

The Grand Prize for Season Pass players is the Pure of Heart Balloon.

This vehicle can be flown around Kinzville or around your properties. It also makes lovely indoor or outdoor decor.
What kind of Grand Prize is your absolute dream? An indoor item? Outdoor item? Vehicle? Dispenser?

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21 Responses to Close Up: Pure of Heart Balloon

  1. Funlovn says:

    I love dispensers. I don’t like the Diamond Gift Boxes, always get duplicates.

  2. Lemony2 says:

    As cute as vehicles are, dispensers are better since it’s the prize that keeps on giving every day. Would also love to see more recipes for the free side of the season and an update on the floating W prizes.

  3. grandmaback says:

    Would love some some new recipes for colorful clothes, furniture, wallpapers and things to use up hard wood and slag. I’ve made almost everything that I want except for the ballroom chairs which are stuck.

  4. biscotti says:

    I definitely love the dispensers!! As Cousin Eddie said, it’s the gift that keeps on giving!! :)

  5. JadeSweetSummer3 says:

    Ooh la la! I love that it’s so cute I can’t wait to have it on my account!!!!!!! Tysm Ganz!

  6. kellyld159 says:

    will there be cool prizes like this available on Webkinz Classic, too? thanks!!

  7. kalcan8 says:

    What kind of grand prize would I like to see? Hmmm… We just finished a fantastic classic Christmas season in Next, and I was pretty happy with all of the prizes. It helps that Christmas is my favorite holiday. Some sort of chocolate dispenser or a plant that grows chocolate candy eggs or jelly beans would be great for Easter. In April for the WW anniversary, there should be something blingy and festive like an in-room photo booth/photo shoot background for the big Webkinz Day party. The whole season that is happening during Webkinz Day can have anniversary themed prizes or even a throw-back anniversary with one item from each year of WW remade for Next. (As there is not much time, that might be a better suggestion for next year’s big anniversary celebration.) I personally like dispensers and fireplaces best. Amusement park rides like the ferris wheel, and items that make you say, “Wow” like the glam tent, are also things that I like to see. Oh, and waterfalls – outdoors or indoors as a room divider like the classic family score prize, “Serenity Wall Fountain”. I’ll keep thinking, but that should give you something to start with. Thanks for asking!

    • roachiesmom1 says:

      I second this message, these are all pretty cool ideas. Also…Next needs more dragons. Dragon pets, dragon plush, more dragon clothing, and eggs, hoard piles, hoard pieces…personally I am here to say hey, can we have an entire Dragon Season Pass. I’m strangely NOT as big a fan of Raziel as one would think from this comment, but if he is what it takes, I would love to see him commandeer an entire Season, with the debut of the dragon pet as his ambassador in this event. In fact…in a perfect world this would be in conjunction with a Classic Event, with a Collection Event being dragon themed as well, and the kind that sends all the things to Next, and then floatie-clickies that award hoard-related things both in-game/s and here on the Newz, Come on, you have Dragon Appreciation day in the Odd Holidays calendar, let’s have a lot more Dragon Appreciation here!!!

  8. P00KA2 says:

    Great season but there is a glitch with some of the seating right now…. This valentine couch and the Aztec chair that I know of . When you sit on them ,after a couple seconds they hop off. Just wanted to let you know so it can be fixed :)

    • roachiesmom1 says:

      Last night one of my pets asked to swim, so we left the Arcade where we had just gone to to go all the way back home to swim. So I hopped him into the pool, where he did a couple laps, then jumped out of the pool on his own as he mentioned it was a refreshing swim. Maybe part of the glitch, maybe he was just done swimming. None of my pets have ever done this before. When I saw your post I decided to mention it.

  9. megamom12 says:

    I’m a big fan of dispensers.

    • BH1464 says:

      Me too. I love dispensers!

    • webkinzwizard02 says:

      I love dispensers the most, but for a new idea I think a beautiful outdoor water feature like a lake with a dock our pets can pretend fish at or a bridge they can walk across or even just swim in would be really fun. I’d also love a tractor for my farm property.

      • roachiesmom1 says:

        They seem to have done this, Sally Webkinz has a property with a dock border and a lake, and it is amazing. I figured it was a past Season set of prizes that I missed. If it is, I would love to a repeat of these prizes, or a chance to get them, or a redesign so the new ones would be a little different for players who already have it. Although I bet almost anyone with these things would not mind a second set at all. I’d love some way to get a lot of the prizes from the earlier seasons, but a lake with a dock in my possession would be a huge incentive to me to rebuild one of my Classic families in Next. That’s a big cast, and I would need many pets to recreate it.

  10. 1963 says:

    I really like the dispensers. Or a cool outdoor item.

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