Collect From The Webkinz Next Material Vending Machine Every Day!


Are you working on your One World, Two Games Challenge? Or, have your purchased a Crafting Table from the Webkinz Next W-Shop and are trying to complete a crafting project? In any case, collecting from the Material Vending Machine daily, will help you finish your projects faster!


The vending machine is located in front of the Curio Shop, near the opening to the Curio Shop mines.



When you click on the machine, a free Material Pick Pack will be added to your dock. Remember, you can collect a Material Pick Pack every day by clicking on the vending machine.



Drag the pick pack in to your room and click on it to open it!



When you open your Material Pick Pack, you’ll be able to choose any material you’d like to use towards a crafting project.


Click on the type of material you’d like, then click the Claim button and three of them will be added to your dock.



You also have the chance to win Crafting Bags on the Wheel of Wow. Drag a Crafting Bag in to your room to open it and see what you’ve won!


New to crafting? Watch a short tutorial video to learn how to make thigs your pets will love on a Crafting Table:



What has been your favorite thing to make on a Crafting Table so far? Let us know in the comment section below…


11 Responses to Collect From The Webkinz Next Material Vending Machine Every Day!

  1. beemi says:

    The materials boxes have quit working for me as well. I choose, but nothing goes to the dock and they don’t disappear. The crafting bag still works, but I only win those rarely.

  2. Helenka says:

    Sally my baby turned to kid then adult the the task is stuck on 12 finished everything sent message to web but no answer 20 diamonds was my gift not a microsoft problem am able to buy diamonds thank u account is hrmt

  3. bkbauer says:

    Anyone else???? The crafting pick packs are not working. They act normal til you choose a material and then they do not award the material or disappear. The pink and blue ones stopped working. The crafting bags on the wheel still work. I have no idea how I am going to earn materials to finish these challenges now.

  4. KSC says:

    Thank you for this. It’s really helpful.

  5. Whatusername4 says:

    I have no idea how to make a baby grow. It tells me that a growth moment is happening and I give the baby what it wants but the moment is never completed and the happy meter just continues to go down. Does anyone know how to grow a baby?

    • Sally Webkinz says:

      There are two meters — one indicates how happy or content the baby is, and that goes up or down depending on their mood. The other is the growth meter, which you can also see in the My Pet view. Each time you fulfill a growth request, you get a growth moment, which adds to the growth meter. Your baby’s mood doesn’t affect whether you get that growth moment or not, so if you fill 15 growth requests, you baby’s growth meter will fill and you can grow your baby to a kid.

  6. mfaull says:

    Things just keep getting more and more creative! Thanks!

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