Collect your Lunar New Year 2023 Gift on January 22!


Webkinz Next is celebrating the Lunar New Year and the Year of the Rabbit! with a special giftbox! Remember to log into your Webkinz Next account on Sunday, January 22 to collect your Lunar New Year 2023 Gift, then place it in your pet’s room and click on it!


The giftbox awards a Red Pocket that opens to award KinzCash, a Lucky Gold Rabbit 2023 statuette, a beautiful Clementine Lunar Tree, and a Lunar New Year Snack Tray that you can place in your pet’s room!
Don’t forget to log in this Sunday, January 22, 2023 to celebrate the Lunar New Year and welcome in the Year of the Rabbit!


Download Webkinz Next now — available for Mac, iOS, Android and Windows 10.

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28 Responses to Collect your Lunar New Year 2023 Gift on January 22!

  1. Wingsfan65 says:

    Thank you SO much for these beautiful NEXT gifts! I was very happy with all of them :) On an unrelated topic, can you please explain the brand-new Pirate’s Bounty game on NEXT? I tried doing it but all I could do was rotate one beam and that was it :(

  2. Kikio01 says:

    Thank you, I love this gift so cute. Love playing Next!! My poor classic accounts are being ignored, there is only so much time to play lol

  3. BeezKneez says:

    Thank you for the lovely gift! Everything is so pretty! I don’t know if I want to open the money envelope, though. Did anyone open theirs?

    • kaye10 says:

      hi and oh my–i did not want to open mine either. i researched what was in it –thought it was to be kc, but i did open & it was diamonds which equals real-c lol. hope this helps your decision & best, k.

    • BeezKneez says:

      Thanks kaye10 and Zooooooz – so I guess it’s a random prize – maybe I’ll wait a few more days – the envelope is so pretty – so was the gift box, but I really wanted the contents inside. I really wish the gift boxes could be awarded as a decor item – they are always beautifully designed.

  4. grantourgang says:

    Seems like when NEXT came out you have forgotten about CLASSIC. I have been with you for 17 years and my deluxe renews in April I may not renew and may leave for good!!!!!

  5. emster7 says:

    Too bad this isn’t classic too. I won’t do Next.

    • kaye10 says:

      oh hi how are you? i initially thought i could not do next as 3-D makes me dizzy. but this is not like the hamster world–i can do it just fine & can’t imagine not @ this point…only sorry i did not start @ the very beginning as there is no trading in NEXT (the way i caught up with not letting my son enter his code on-line when he got his very first webkinz plush as a wee-wee tot.) anyway, my 2cents for the moment… very best, k.

  6. mochidochi says:

    Bummer it’s not classic too. :(

  7. kkovacs says:

    I’m going to put all of these lovely items in my sushi restaurant on my beach!

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