Crafty Critterz – Cookie Turkey

Another tasty treat from our archives!



What you need:

  • Two candy coated round chocolates
  • 4 vanilla cream stuffed cookies
  • Sugar coated candy


What you do:

  1. Split the cream stuffed cookies so cream remains on one side of cookie.
  2. Press sugar coated candy into the cream of one cookie.
  3. Put another cream covered cookie on top with the sugar cream facing down on the candies, this makes the “body.”
  4. Use vanilla cream as “glue” to attach “body” to one cookie.
  5. Using vanilla cream, make two balls and attach to candy coated round chocolates to make “eyes.”
  6. Attach “eyes” to cookies.


A great treat to make for each person to enjoy after a delicious Thanksgiving meal!

Do you have a great idea for a craft, recipe or party game? We’d love to hear them!

19 Responses to Crafty Critterz – Cookie Turkey

  1. 7199 says:

    um yeah i don’t see the turkey but whatever a cookie is a cookie, i would eat it anyway :)

  2. wolly2207 says:

    It doesn’t look like a turkey to me :( But it is cute!

  3. rgarr5 says:

    So, you take a sock (try to make it Christmasy or colorful!) and MAKE SURE YOU ARE ALLOWED TO CUT IT! (I was not allowed to the first time and that was bad…) Next, get a Webkinz you want it to be for (Its basically a sweater and hat!) and mark, with a marker, where the pets legs and tail should go. Cut out these holes and make sure they are not too big or too small. Next, cut out the toes of the sock. Put your Webkinz in it. Take that part you cut out, (the toes) and (This is optional!) cut out to little holes for the ears. There you have it! A cozy Christmas sweater and hat! :D

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