Curio Shop Theme Showcase: Atlantis Theme!


Arte’s Curio Shop has some amazing things, including many themes that are only stocked on his shelves! His stock changes every hour, so you’ll have to check back often to see what he has to offer! Items marked with the “Arte’s Favorites” logo are exclusive to the Curio Shop!


The Atlantis theme was one of our first underwater themes in the WShop, even before we had underwater rooms! That’s why these items look great no matter which type of room you put them in!


The Atlantis room theme has since been retired to the Curio Shop, so keep an eye out for pieces whenever you drop by to shop!



Put all of the pieces of this theme together and you’ll have a magnificent mythological-looking room for your pets!





Deluxe Members also have access to a second set of Curio Shop items updated hourly, so they have TWICE the chance of finding amazing items! Learn more about Deluxe Membership here.


Have YOU been collected any of the items from awesome theme? Let us know in the comments below!


16 Responses to Curio Shop Theme Showcase: Atlantis Theme!

  1. nanamama12 says:

    I think that this is one of the most beautiful themes ever.

  2. megamom12 says:

    A absolutely LOVE this theme! I love how the Cerulean bathroom pieces go perfectly with it!

  3. TygerWings says:

    it would be fun to spend the day as arte. you get to cheer on the players while they hunt for gems and every hour you get to pick out what to feature in the shop! i have a question though. are arte and doug in competition with each other like alyssa and nefaria? why do they need our gems?

  4. emster7 says:

    Such a gorgeous shade of blue! I remember using these 14 years ago!

  5. Morningdew12 says:

    Cool! I think I have almost the whole theme, but I have no idea where to put it!

  6. mishpachatmoore says:

    I had all of these back in the day!

  7. Wingsfan65 says:

    This theme brings back memories! I remember using the beautiful wallpaper and flooring for my first-ever Webkinz bathroom :)

  8. hope1122 says:

    pretty cool wish i was a deluxe member -hope1122

  9. riggs106 says:

    This was one of my favorites back in the day. I should start collecting the theme again

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