Curio Shop Theme Showcase: Baseball Theme!


Arte’s Curio Shop has some amazing things, including many themes that are only stocked on his shelves! His stock changes every hour, so you’ll have to check back often to see what he has to offer! Items marked with the “Arte’s Favorites” logo are exclusive to the Curio Shop!


The Baseball theme was one of the very first room themes ever created in Webkinz World. It was once available in the WShop, but it has since been retired and can now only be found at random times in the Curio Shop!





Put all of the pieces of this theme together and you’ll have a field day creating the Baseball room of your dreams. It’s sure to be a real hit with all of your sporty pets!





Deluxe Members also have access to a second set of items updated hourly, so they have TWICE the chance of finding amazing items! Learn more about Deluxe Membership here.


Have YOU been collecting any of the items from this classic theme? Let us know in the comments below!


21 Responses to Curio Shop Theme Showcase: Baseball Theme!

  1. ImaPepper says:

    Woo-hoo! I have all of these! Will we see other sports themes in the future?

  2. Beckinz8 says:

    I have all of these wonderful pieces in a sports theme room for my athletic reindeer, Rudy. Except I have a different baseball bed. It is called “Field of Dreams Bed”, and it is navy blue, green, and red, with bases for pillows. It’s really cute! Btw, is that Steve Webkinz’ squirrel monkey in the room above? It looks like you hit a double – way to go!! I assume that your team is the Toronto Blue Jays? :D

  3. prettydog123 says:

    I miss the old Webkinz graphics….

  4. nitelite says:

    Oh memories.Use to love this.Have room full still XD

  5. dixiecup says:

    Carcasa, make a screen capture of your baseball room and send it to Michael at or Share your photo of the room in the gallery. I would like to see your Webkinz rooms.

  6. Kraft says:

    This theme holds a lot of nostalgia for me, I remember it being one of my favourites in my early days of webkinz despite me hating any sports IRL, haha

  7. MagicOrin says:

    Newer here. COULD you PLEASE also offer the SOCCER and FOOTBALL i need a Football locker and tub and a soccer cooler and more !!

    • MagicOrin says:

      I know the Frog bug these is gone . BUT could you see some way to bring the table and chairs back . Bug and toadstool chair tables will fit with so many themes .

      • PennyOpera says:

        It’s called the Lilypad theme. Someone asked way back if they would re-release it or even drop it in Arte’s for Curio sales. I really loved the Dragonfly lamps and Winged back chairs. The cute bed with the Lilypad canopy and the dragonfly legs on the dining table. This was a nice delicate theme and I do miss it, too. I wish it could come back, but it doesn’t sound like it will.

  8. Dalmationpika2 says:

    i have the whole theme its one of the coolest themes in webkinz world

  9. FoxesRule612 says:

    Wow, I don’t think I’ve seen that flooring in the Curio Shop before!

    • dixiecup says:

      Hmm, maybe I can send you one. I will dig in my wall paper closet room and see if I have a spare set for you.

    • Alphaowlbear says:

      Hi FoxesRule 612 – you can still earn that baseball flooring as a prize if you complete certain quick quests in the Adventure Park. If you don’t have access to Adventure Park and would like one of the floors, list your username here and I will send one as a gift. :-)

  10. dixiecup says:

    This is one of my most Favorite Boys themed rooms! It is darling, but masculine. Like the Space theme, I collect these whenever I can.

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