Curio Shop Theme Showcase: Cars Theme!


Arte’s Curio Shop has some amazing things, including many themes that are only stocked on his shelves! His stock changes every hour, so you’ll have to check back often to see what he has to offer! Items marked with the “Arte’s Favorites” logo are exclusive to the Curio Shop!


The Cars theme was one of our earlier room themes in Webkinz World. It was once available in the WShop, but it has since been retired and can now only be found at random times in the Curio Shop!



Put all of the pieces of this theme together and you’ll have the kind of room that you’ll always love to fix up!



Deluxe Members also have access to a second set of items updated hourly, so they have TWICE the chance of finding amazing items! Learn more about Deluxe Membership here.


Have YOU been collecting any of the items from this classic theme? Let us know in the comments below!


35 Responses to Curio Shop Theme Showcase: Cars Theme!

  1. MyLittlePony2010EG13 says:

    I love this theme!

  2. KarenaJ says:

    This theme is cool still and mixes well with the diner theme too. Can anyone help me? I have this tv and several others, my family and me returned playing webkinz after a few years, now none of our televisions work. I remember when I was little they worked and had tv shows, monkey show, chef show, and so on. What happened or am I the only one who has broken tv’s HELP PLEASE

    • Rocky5465 says:

      I also remember that the tv’s would turn on! I came back after about more than a year too and saw that the tv’s were not turning on but I think they just changed it to do that, I did like it better when you could turn it on though. I guess just one of the many changes Webkinz has made!

    • Beckinz8 says:

      Hi KarenaJ! I am happy to inform you that it is not just you, but sad to inform you that the TVs and clocks have not worked for a couple of years. I’m glad that you too can fondly remember Chef Gazpacho. Hold on to those memories! Hopefully they are not just a thing of the past, and the team will someday be able to get them all working again after the next Webkinz conversion, when Flash is no longer available. Welcome back to Webkinz!

    • Bubblilious1 says:

      Welcome back to Webkinz KarenaJ! There have been a lot of upgrades with Webkinz and more coming related to the Flash Player format. At one point it was suggested to clear our cache if things weren’t working; you could try this. If the tv is still not working then you could contact Customer Service but I think they might be still working on that. If you want to read all about the updates, head to Webkinz Newz>Newz Blog>Release Notes. You can also read the Fan Mail. Webkinz Newz is our Information Centre.

    • behe123 says:

      I don’t remember my TV worked after new webkinz downloads(pet care, 9 animals to choose from, blue wallpaper…..).

    • KarenaJ says:

      THANK YOU all so much for the replys. It was very helpful info and answered my questions about televisions. I hope they will work again sometime in the future. Maybe Webkinz should not advertise that tv’s can be turned on to entertain your pet in the W-Shop since that appears to be untrue now. There indeed were so many changes to Webkinz and most changes are nice, but this is one not so much. Thanks again to everyone who replied.

  3. megamom12 says:

    I love this theme and have enough items for a bedroom and an auto shop.

  4. AndyB says:

    It would be fun to see other themes with put-togethers like the car stove, counters and toy trunk making up the full sized car.

  5. MommaSays says:

    I like that Speedy sleeper bed! The whole theme is a great racing theme with so much you can do. I have put the pieces of the kitchen together with the counters instead of the arm chairs and placed plushies on it to look like Kinz in a car. The arm chairs almost stuck out too much. What I thought was really neat was that some of the cars will actually go on top of the pedestals.

  6. kittymade10 says:

    I always liked this theme. I have the wallpaper and flooring, but never thought of making the room. I really like mix-matching themes.

  7. MONKEYSMILE05 says:

    Wheel tables can be used around bumper cars .

  8. MONKEYSMILE05 says:

    The wheel tables can be used as a barrier for BUMPER CARS !

  9. BH1464 says:

    This is one rare theme that I have every piece of. Love it!

  10. animalsmatter1 says:

    This theme is adorable! I’ve always liked it a lot, and that garage wallpaper and flooring is spectacular. I had bought all of the pieces years back, when it was in the W-Shop, so I’ve had my collection for awhile. I love these Curio Shop Reports; so much fun to read about the various collections, and see all of them pictured and used in a room.

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