Days of Play Starts Today!



From September 11 – 19, enjoy three free bonus plays in the Magical Forest every day! Your free plays will be automatically added to your account as soon as you log in to Webkinz Classic.


Here’s a look at the schedule:



Log in to your Webkinz Classic account and head to the Magical Forest to use your bonus free plays! What did you win today? Let us know in the comment section below…


21 Responses to Days of Play Starts Today!

  1. threehounds says:

    frozenanna2 Did you get any Magic Mire charms with your 3 free plays.

  2. mamasbaby07 says:

    I purchased the 4 charms I needed to get prizes in Magic Mire during Christmas in July and Magic Mire just freezes never got the prizes there or fairy forest so sad

    • ruddel99 says:

      This happens to me all the time too. It rarely works so I hardly even care to play either fairy charm parts.

      • threehounds says:

        ruddel99 I only thinking this, but when adobe flash was still in existence, I don’t think the Fairy Falls and Magic Mire froze up like this. I guess having their own Webkinz App site was too much too handle. Just saying.

  3. bowling0513 says:

    I know this is not related to days of play but on webkinz next, How do I get my baby to sleep? I press on the mobile but it never falls asleep.

  4. xenasunfox123 says:

    Got to be honest but I’ve come to hate playing Fairy Falls, Magic Mire and Woodland Wonders because if i win something the page always freezes and then i have to forcibly quit webkinz and log in again. Those 3 games slows down everything each time so I avoid them altogether. :(

  5. Amygirl113 says:

    Thanks, Ganz. Hope you can get us some more Jumbleberry free spins again soon too. Those are my fave. PS Hi Ultra, glad you had a good week and happy weekend. Love and hugs, little sis. Big Sis Pat

    • ultrasonic3 says:

      Hi Pat! I’m so glad you found my message! I sent one to Roxy616 but I don’t know if she found it. I wish I could thank my friends here but it’s too hard. I’m tying up Newz articles so I’m going to quit trying. I hope EVERYONE knows how grateful I am for their friendship, kindness and generosity. Have a wonderful weekend! Love and hugs your little sis Ultra

    • Amygirl113 says:

      PS to Ultrasonic3 Hi Ultra, I just sent you a friend request form one of my other 6 accts – Amypat. Hope we can be friends on 2 of them. Love and hugs, Big sis Pat

      • Amygirl113 says:

        to Ultra, Aw, I understand but will miss you and little chats. if you need to talk, send our code on kinzpost and I’ll ck a new newz article – same with me to you. Have so enjoyed our friendship and sisterhood and know, I’m always here for you and you’re the best. Love and hugs, big sis Pat

  6. paavani says:

    URGENT!!! Good morning everyone, I hope all is well. I don’t know who to contact anymore. For the past week I have tried all kinds of animals to contact the Webkinz team about the issue that after a week my drawing still has not been uploaded to the 2022 Webkinz super deluxe item challenge. I have now run out of time :( I will share with you all what my drawing was… I drew a genie lamp that could be placed in your Webkinz room (approx the size of a bed because why not) once clicked upon, Dr.Quack, they mayor will appear and grant you 3 wishes. You will then receive 2 items past deluxe giveaways and one item you will get to choose on your own an item from the wish factory. After this, you will always have the genie lamp :) Hopefully my submission will get accepted but I doubt it will go through because it’s to late :(. Have a wonderful day friends!

  7. robinroyal says:

    So happy to get the extra plays again. I am only 1 charm away from finally getting the Fairy Falls grand prize.

  8. mojo18x2 says:

    i really don’t care for this anymore nothing new jn the the webkinz store to spend momey on and that gak or whatever it is called is off putting

    • acantara says:

      Yes I agree. I skip most of this often. I have requested to update the magic forest many times and I even voted for Alyssa in hopes she would win and it can all be updated. It needs updating. New prizes.

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