Days of Play Starts Today!



Days of Play starts today on Webkinz Classic! From September 10 – 18, get three free plays in the Magical Forest every day! Your free plays will be automatically added to your account as soon as you log in to Webkinz Classic.


Here’s a look at the schedule:



What did you find in the Magical Forest today? Let us know in the comment section below…


16 Responses to Days of Play Starts Today!

  1. Barkster says:

    The prizes won in the Woodland Forest don’t seem to end up in my dock. Is anyone else having this issue?

  2. CaroleF says:

    I have SO many extra plays in Magic Mire saved – Playing that tends to freeze my computer, especially if I do find a charm.

  3. Monstermaster13 says:

    Got a chocolate zum and zum cupcake in zumwhere today.

  4. threehounds says:

    Deluxe members, visit the Estore on the 14th at 10:00am for Customer Appreciation Day and get your free Pretty Pear Hat.

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